Vizio XVT3D554SV HDTV Review

28 Sep

Vizio XVT3D554SV

Vizio XVT3D554SV Vizio presents the XVT3D554SV ($2,199.99 list), a 55-inch, web-enabled LED 3D HDTV with a 480Hz refresh rate, 10 million to one contrast ratio and four millisecond response time. While it is smaller and more afforable than the 60-inch XVT3D554SV, there are few differences between the two machines. In addition to housing a list of Vizio’s web apps, the XVT3D554SV includes a universal Bluetooth remote with QWERTY keyboard and is Energy STAR 4.1 compliant.

Vizio XVT3D554SV Design and Features
This LED-backlit 3D set is surrounded by an angular, glossy black bezel with a speaker bar underneath. It rests on a large, rounded stand that does not swivel, though this screen sports a 178-degree viewing angle. The XVT3D554SV houses five HDMI inputs (four in the back and one on its side), one of each standard video input and three USB ports. Also included is both an Ethernet port and built-in 802.11n WiFi to take advantage of Vizio’s suite of of web apps, VIA.

The contrast and color balance within the XVT3D554SV is powered by Vizio’s Smart Dimming LED display, which controls all 120 blocks of LEDs within the screen to turn them off in support of the screen’s 10 million to one contrast ratio. Its 480Hz refresh rate delivers 480 scenes per second by combining its refresh rate with a scanning backlight. Of course, this HDTV puts out full 1080p HD, but also supports 3D viewing with the appropriate glasses and compatible 3D Blu-ray, premium television or gaming device. However, a two-pack of rechargeable 3D glasses through Vizio costs $219.99.

Vizio XVT3D554SV Specifications

Vizio XVT3D554SV Screen Size

55 inches
Vizio XVT3D554SV Type
Aspect Ratio
Vizio XVT3D554SV 16:9
Vizio XVT3D554SVNetworking Options
Speakers Included


The included universal Bluetooth remote with QWERTY keyboard will be used to navigate VIA, the suite of over 14 Vizio web apps including Facebook, Netflix, Pandora and more. Vizio’s line of XVT 3DTVs also sport SRS TruSurround HD sound with TruVolume, a feature that reduces the volume inconsistencies between TV programs. Finally, the XVT3D554SV is Energy STAR 4.1-compliant through its mercury-free LED screen and other power-saving features.

Vizio XVT3D554SV


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