Samsung B7722 Mobile review

06 Aug

Let’s face it, Samsung B7722 Mobile doesn’t signal particularly appealing. But you will be bowled over to see that disparate most of the dual SIM phones on the promote, which don’t do whatever business further than the basics, the B7722 packs bounty of facial appearance that are seldom found on the spec page of such a hidey-hole device.

Some force take the dual-seven dual-two as the slightest of hints but Samsung B7722 Mobile nowhere near the Duos pet name that Samsung dual SIM phones usually get. Anyhow, dual SIM action is the most vital map of the Samsung B7722 but it isn’t the only card up its sheath.

Above and further than looking nice and handling two SIM cards all at the same time, the B7722 also has a 5-megapixel autofocus camera and privileged than average connectivity options (counting 3G help on one of the SIM cards and Wi-Fi). And on top of that you get a justly sized stylus-forthcoming touchscreen (measuring 3.2 inches).

Samsung B7722 Mobile Samsung B7722
Samsung B7722 Mobile official photos

Although dual SIM phones are a sagacious choice for a certain set of customers, they will never be mainstream Samsung B7722 Mobile seems.Samsung B7722 Mobile arguable whether a more advanced set of facial appearance will broaden the phone’s appeal. Or risk rotary away the hard users, who wouldn’t want to pay superfluous for facial appearance they deem beside the top. The Samsung B7722 Mobile is an appealing device but that’s the kind of dilemma it’s facing. Just look at the specs not more than and notice just how modest is gone. Read more at

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