Nokia C1 Mobile review

06 Aug

Nokia C1 Mobile After being of surveillance their rivals initiate one dual SIM phone after another, a few months back Nokia C1 Mobile finally resolute to join them and unveiled its first mobile phones competent of helpful two SIM cards at the same time. Keen to see what it held in store, we took one of them, the Nokia C1 Mobile, for a spin nearly our hard grounds.

Nokia C1 Mobile Nokia C1 and C2 Nokia C1 and C2 Nokia C1 and C2
Nokia C1 Mobile official photos

Instead of even bothering to catch up with the struggle, the Finns chose to play the game by their own policy and made their first steps into the dual SIM mobile phone promote by announcing a link of entry level diplomacy. No sheen and certainly nothing revolutionary, these diplomacy (counting the C1-00) pack only the most basic of facial appearance.

So, you get what you pay for. And what you need. Which is dual SIM telephony. The Nokia C1 Mobile facility with two SIM cards and comes with a color spectacle, a built-in FM radio and a clever flashlight.

Here’s the pros and cons of getting a Nokia C1 Mobile. Read more at

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