Apple Mac mini mid 2011 review

06 Aug

The Apple Mac mini has always sat in a bit of an scarce spot in Apple’s lineup. Agreed the price and power it provided, the MacBook always seemed like the best extent. The 2011 model, even if, has the power of an Intel Grimy Bridge processor inside, and with the basic MacBook now retired, the Mac mini holds onto its spot as the most reasonably priced send to Mac ownership.

At £529 for the entry-level model, which ships with a clad enough i5 processor, Apple Mac mini doable that the Mac mini has also become a viable alternative to the iMac, which now starts at £999, although offers a much privileged run of spec options. So is the Mac mini a clad reasonably priced entry into the planet of the Mac? Or is it too wimpy in the power department to place up a fight hostile to its larger brothers?


No one can contend that Apple doesn’t make gorgeous products, its all-brushed aluminium lineup being in this area as excellent as it gets when it comes to design. The Mac mini maintains the company’s signature minimalist deal with, stripping back everything until you are left with what is in effect a smooth aluminium box with an Apple logo on top.

Apple Mac mini

On the front is nothing more than a take a nap/wake set alight and an IR receiver.Apple Mac mini  means that the Mac mini is perfectly modest, meeting very happily in a income room and drawing just the right amount of attention to itself. Apple Mac mini is particularly worthwhile when someone who hasn’t seen one before questions: “what is that modest box with an Apple logo on?”  and you give reasons for it is a PC and they refuse to believe you. Read more at

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