Acer Stream Mobile review

06 Aug

Acer Stream Mobile may be new to the smartphone game but they’re culture quick. On paper, the Acer Stream has all the right ingredients to tackle the HTC Question and the Nexus One. With much stronger emphasis on CD than the titular Google phone, the Acer Stream has a few aces up Acer Stream Mobile sheath and isn’t frightened to play them.

Acer Stream Mobile Acer Stream Acer Stream
Acer Stream Mobile official photos

Acer Stream Mobile dabbled in customizing Machine with the Liquid, but their first attempts were far from impressive. Packing the latest version of Acer’s custom Machine UI, the Stream is a absolutely uncommon report.

We won’t spoil the bolt from the blue – the changes run pretty deep and we can’t pr?cis them in one part anyhow. But don’t be too quick to skip straight to the User boundary chapter of this assess. The hardware has a few cool equipment in store as well.

Devious tiny-font marks house no skepticism in this area the CD competency of the Acer Stream. The 5MP camera can capture 720p videos and you’ll also spot the Dolby Mobile logo, which promises fantastic sonic encounter. But if you’re not strict you force miss the HDMI mark right next to the microUSB port. That’s right, the Acer Stream Mobile Stream has a microHDMI port to give up HD record to compatible external displays.

Here goes the list of pros and cons, for the most rushed readers. Read more at

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