HTC 7 Trophy Mobile review

03 Aug

HTC 7 Trophy Mobile really is a memorable name, but the Trophy is – so to speak – the consolation prize in the HTC 7 Trophy Mobile Windows Phone 7 lineup. It’s not the huge guy in the family nor is it the smartest. The Trophy is a middle-of-the-roader, the mass promote extent.HTC 7 Trophy Mobile the first HTC-made Windows Phone 7 device we’re reviewing and we guess HTC 7 Trophy Mobile up to them to prove there’s no such business as an ex PocketPC maker.

HTC 7 Trophy Mobile is in this area sky-high hardware standards and Microsoft is not really encouraging out-of-the-box thought. What does this mean for the HTC 7 Trophy Mobile? Well, believe it or not, this here Trophy has come onto the scene to bring the one business that HTC 7 Trophy Mobile is observably fleeting of – device personality.

HTC 7 Trophy Mobile HTC 7 Trophy HTC 7 Trophy HTC 7 Trophy
HTC 7 Trophy official photos

Don’t get us incorrect, WP7 is a fantastic looking OS – and one that will only be getting best in terms of usability – but Microsoft-imposed homogeny is building it hard for manufacturers to set their products away from each additional. They are trying to make up for that with best screens or free apps, but they still house of protection’t hit on a winning formula yet.

The HTC 7 Trophy will do its best to be the WP7 phone that stands out from the crowd. In view of the fact that Microsoft forbids any customization, HTC took a uncommon deal with to charitable the OS some eccentricity. Instead of offering free apps from the Market, HTC have built their own – unfilled to download for free off the HTC Hub. And the hub itself is a pinch of Sense UI sprinkled on Windows Phone 7, with some awesome exclusive apps. Read more at

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