Thermaltake Frio OCK Review

20 Jul

Frio OCK The summer heat is here and today we are taking a look at the new Frio OCK CPU cooler from Thermaltake. This is an air-cooler that features a dual fan design that’s compatible with just about every Intel and AMD socket on the market. We did have an initial problem with the cooler. The board that we were at the start hard it on had some clearance issues with the MOSFET heat-sink next to the Frio OCK socket. With a quick call to Thermaltake they were able to remedy the circumstances. This is the kind of business that inspires confidence in a company. Granted, there probably aren’t very many boards that would have had this issue, but for some it would certainly have been an issue. This cooler currently retails for about 65 to 80 dollars online. This puts it at the mid to high-end range of coolers.

Frio OCK

Frio OCK Features

When you first see this cooler the first business you’ll notice is its size. This is a rather tall cooler that will overhang a couple of your ram slots depending on your motherboard. Our test bench uses an Asus M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 motherboard. On this board the cooler is orientated with the fans going from top to bottom rather than front to back. This isn’t going to be a problem for many skeleton because many are now equipped with a top mounted exhaust fan. On an Intel board the orientation is from front to back and just about every case has some kind of rear exhaust. Read more at

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