Samsung Galaxy Indulge

20 Jul

Samsung Indulge We have to hand it to MetroPCS. The contract-free carrier is mesmerizing the 4G bull by the horns and building the 4G-competent Samsung Galaxy Indulge its first lasso at the smartphone rodeo. TheIndulge, an off-shoot of Samsung’s respectable line of glossy black plastic smartphones, has Apparatus 2.2, a 1GHz Hummingbird PC, and a slide-out QWERTY upright in addendum to a Swype-enabled virtual upright. There’s excellent voice feature, and a nourishing set of facial appearance.

Even if, the specs pale in comparison to its more-premium Galaxy S cousins, like the Samsung Epic 4G. The Indulge lacks the brilliant Super AMOLED cover of other high-class Galaxy handsets, its camera isn’t as excellent, and numerous TouchWiz facial appearance are absent, like the shared and media hubs and the mobile hot spot. Array life is disappointing, as well.

Samsung Indulge

Despite those setbacks, it’s still poised to be the carrier’s best phone yet, primarily if you don’t mind often juicing up your phone.

The Indulge costs $399 without a contract, a high figure at first glance, but one that doesn’t lock you into a two-year contract. MetroPCS is offering two plans: the boundless rate plot (talk, text, Web) with 1GB data costs $50 per month, and the $60 monthly plot gets you boundless talk, text, Web, and data, not to bring up 4G speeds for both. Read more at


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