Nike Sports Kit Review

20 Jul

Nike Sports kit Here’s contest entry #9, a review of the Nike Sports kit, thanks Oscar. The contest will be closing soon and the draw made so if you’d like to send us a review of promotional picture now would be a good time :) .

Nike Sports kit

Nike Sports kit

I’ve never been that excited about running, but then again who is. But I thought it was time to get off my rear end and start doing something good for my health. So I went out and bought the wireless Nike+ sports kit. When I brought it home it sat in the package for about a week until I opened it one day to see what this thing could do. The Nike Sports kit is so easy to use that I really didn’t even need to read the instructions. First, you have to plug in the receiverto the bottom of your ipod nano. Then you have to put the sender in your running shoe. I didn’t have a pair of Nike Sports kit running shoes that have a precut hole in them, so I just cut a hole in my own shoe to accommodate it and it works just fine.
The next step was the hardest part, to get out the door and start running. The first thing you notice, beside the fact that you can still listen to your music  Nike Sports kitwhile using the Nike+ Sports kit, is a very soothing woman’s voice speaks to you at every five minute increment through your headphones to let you know how your doing. You can choose between a male or female voice, and the voice lets you know how long, how fast and how far you’ve been running. You can choose a basic workout or make a specific workout for how you’re feeling on a certain day.  Nike Sports kit You’re able to track your progress online at the Nike Sports kit website. You can set goals for yourself to see how your progressing. Read more at


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