Motorola i886

20 Jul

Motorola i886 On paper, the Motorola i886 seems like a pretty run-of-the-mill Nextel phone. It has push-to-talk with Nextel Supervise over Join, stereo Bluetooth, a 2-megapixel camera, a microSD card slot, GPS, and as it is not a smartphone, it has no Wi-Fi. Like most Nextel phones, it is billed as a durable handset, with thick rubberized casingthat is air force-qualified to take a beating. The i886 also looks like a regular messaging handset, with its slide-out QWERTY upright.

Yet, it has a trick up its sheath–its user interface looks very near like peas in a pod to that of Apparatus. To be sure, the multiple home screens, the pull-up menu, and the app icons look uncannily like Apparatus. But it is not–the OS is a proprietary Linux-based in commission logic. While we at the start plotting the use of a fake Apparatus interface was odd, we in fact reckon it’s a fantasticthought, as it is far better than the usual Nextel one. The inclusion of Opera Mini is welcome, and we be thankful for having a dedicated GetJar attention store as well.

We do worry that some public might get fooled into thinking this is a smartphonewhen it’s obviously not. At the end of the day, the Motorola i886 is just a well-made Nextel messaging phone, which is not a terrible thing. Just don’t guess anything more than that. The Motorola i886 is $79.99 after a two-year benefit contract.

As far as harsh handsets go, the Motorola i886 is positively diminutive. At 4.6 inches long by 2.0 inches wide by 0.7 inch thick, it’s not just so wafer-thin, but compared with other Nextel phones like the Brute i680, it’s quite slim. Clad in hard plastic and thick padding, the i886 is air force-qualified to survive dust, shock, trembling, greatest temperatures, low difficulty, solar radiation, and humidity. We couldn’t theme the phone to such a array of tests, but it did carry on a drop in a bucket of water. While the black-and-gray color machinate is a bore, we do like its compact form factor, and at 4.98 ounces, it feels very solid in the hand.


Motorola i886


The Motorola i886 has a home cover that is very near like peas in a pod to Apparatus’s.



The 2.2-inch QVGA sight is quite sharp and peculiar, with 262,000-color help. We like the bold graphic icons, and the text is clear and legible, too. We did reckon the text was a modest on the small side, and, unfortunately, you can’t change the font size. You can change the brightness and backlight timer, even if. You can also toggle dialogue box animations from the sight settings. Read more at


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