InvisibleSHIELD Device Protector Review

20 Jul

InvisibleSHIELD Device Protector is like a screen protector film but for your whole device. What this means is that you can protect your device from knocks and scratches but without having to hide it in a case.

In the pack you get the actual InvisibleSHIELD Device Protector film pre-cut for the device you have purchased it for, a small squirty-bottle of solution (they call it SHIELDSpray) and a small piece of plastic (referred to as a squeegee).

As I have both an iPod Nano and a Treo 650 phone I was kindly supplied with InvisibleSHIELD Device Protector for both devices.

InvisibleSHIELD Device Protector


InvisibleSHIELD Device Protector

The idea is that you peel the InvisibleSHIELD Device Protector off its backing, liberally spray both sides with SHIELDSpray, place on the device and slide it into the right place before using the supplied plastic squeegee to remove excess liquid and bubbles from underneath. You then wipe dry and leave to “set” (The instructions recommend leaving for 24 hours but I challenge anyone to leave their phone and\or iPod alone for that long!!) Read more at


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