HTC Mozart reviews

20 Jul

HTC Mozart Like the HTC Trophy, the HTC Mozart is a Windows Phone 7device available in the European and Asian markets. HTC Mozart a bonus perfectly designed handset from HTC Mozart and includes many of the smartphonestaples, such as a 1GHz Snapdragon PC, but has more of a CD focus with its surround-sound capabilities and an 8-megapixel camera. Unfortunately, the HTC Mozart doesn’t fully give up in that sphere. Even if the audio performance is fantastic, the camera falls small with disappointing depiction and video feature, which takes away some of the fascinate of the device, primarily when unlocked pricing starts at $500. If your priority is a brilliant camera phone, we suggest taking a look at these top picks.

Point HTC Mozart

As we’ve come to guess from HTC Mozart, the Mozart, as mentioned above, is a perfectly designed device. From the front it might look like any other touch-coversmartphone, but a quicker inspection shows some nice fine points. For one, there’s the phone’s compact size. At 4.69 inches tall by 2.37 inches wide by 0.47 inch thick and 4.59 ounces, it’s straightforwardly portable and frivolous without feeling cheap or poor. The brushed aluminum body gives the handset a solid, premium feel. This is coupled with two triangular sections on the back that figure a soft-touch close, so you’ve got a bit of texture to grip.


HTC Mozart

HTC is known for its high-feature designs, and the Mozart is no exception.



The back of the phone is in fact quite fascinating. It has a bit of a topographical point, which may or may not be appealing to you, but we found it to be arresting. In the upper left confront, you’ll find the camera and flash, while the underside part slides off to reveal the array compartment and SIM card slot. Provided you can take out the array door (it’s a bit trying), you’ll see that as on the HTC Legend, there’s a modest latch that you need to flip open in order to slot in and take out the array and SIM card. Does it enhance the phone in any way? No. But we still be thankful for the plotting that went into the point. Read more at

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