Cowon A2 30 GB Review

20 Jul

So I finally got one! Cowon A2 30 was about $380 from

Upon opening it, the player is safely packaged (very well, I might add) inside a case…

All extras were there… incl. leather case and strap. The tech specs are found here…

What was the first thing I did, you ask?! Well, Cowon is well-known for frequently updating firmwares for their devices! :D So I did just that! I upgraded to the latest version 1.61C, another painless thing to do. You unzip it to the top level of the directory. Reboot holding down lever and power button. Wait and voila!

What was important to me is > 20 GB storage, both audio AND video playback. So the fact that this player comes with 4″ 480×272 res. 16.7 million color LCD was very nice! :) Cowon A2 30 also has the ability to be a photo viewer (also being able to be a USB HOST to download picsand such!), an FM tuner, and (currently useless) DMB TV broadcasting… Another nice feature is the voice recording capability with the mic built-in. While its performance of S/N isn’t great (noticeable noise), it was fun to play with my kids and record them singing songs. Cowon A2 30 convenient and sure even my onboard sound recording is better than this but kids are more willing to sing around this cutey!;)

Cowon A2 30

Cowon A2 30



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