Kyocera Rio E3100

18 Jul

Kyocera It’s excellent to see Kyocera getting its name out there again. The recent kickoff of the Kyocera Echo dual-cover smartphone twisted some heads, but the same can’t be said for the obviously run-of-the-mill Kyocera Rio for Cricket Wireless. There’s nothing incorrect with the figure phone per se, but there’s very modest to set it apart from the pack of touch-cover messaging phones. That said, it’s not a terrible choice for Cricket’s more top bolt from the blue team, and the amalgamation of a resistive touch-cover phone with a honestly finger-friendly interface and e-mail capabilities will certainly fascinate those in search of a perfectly functional handset.

Music fans perusing Cricket’s wares would do better to try the Samsung Suede with Muve Music. We saw it at CES, but are still awaiting a assess unit, which we hope to get in our hands soon.

The contract-free Rio costs $129 in stores or $109 if you buy it online. Since there’s no two-year benefit contract, you can pay for benefit month to month.

We despise to say it, but the Kyocera Rio looks and feels like a cheap phone. It isn’t the black body or rounded corners–those gear are standard by today’s mobile point aesthetics. Very, it’s the glossy plastic ridging of the back cover combined with overly shiny silver accents, and a consequence that feels a tad lighter than it should (3.2 ounces). The dimensions are pleasing and sack-friendly at 4.1 inches tall by 2.2 inches wide by 0.5 inch thick. The phone feels fine when flat on the hand, and it gave us no vex on the ear. Even if, there’s a touch about those back cover ridges that gives us the shivers when alternative up and usage the handset–even if we grasp this won’t be everyone’s consequence.




The Rio sports a 2.8-inch resistive touch cover that’s honestly sharp and clear. The QVGA pledge chains 240×320 pixels and 262,000 sign. Even if the sight is resistive very than capacitive, we could frequently get the phone to register habitual-difficulty finger presses. In some views, we looked-for to press harder to scroll up or down. We’d also say that the virtual QWERTY upright you sometimes see (like when adding a new supporter) is a modest small–it’ll be best suited for those with more slender fingertips. At other times when the cover won’t thrash to landscape view, you’ll be able to turn on predictive text or a half QWERTY upright (two or three calligraphy per key). We’d prefer the QWERTY mode on plea, but the half QWERTY is better than nothing.Read more at


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