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17 Jul

 ZTE Agent We haven’t seen a ZTE cell phone for MetroPCS for some time, and the last phone that the Chinese manufacturer produced was the Acknowledgment, a verticalslider for Verizon. The ZTE Agent(also known as the ZTE-C E520) returns ZTE to its U.S. roots, building entry-level cell phones meant for talking, with a few bonus facial appearance. As a prepaid phone, the Agent is honestly priced at $69; even if, the point, facial appearance, and call feature all leave much to be much loved. There are better basic cell phones in MetroPCS’ team that we would urge first for the same ballpark price, like the Samsung Freeform II or LG Helix.

Tall and very narrow, the ZTE Agent measures 4.3 inches high by 1.9 inches wide by 0.6 inch thick. It’s predominantly black, with a sharp silver bezel that will keep the being of this Agent not so bolt from the blue. You’ll have no problem slipping it into pockets and bags; apart from its slimness, the Agent has an everyday physique. Thankfulness to a finger-friendly, soft-touch back cover, it feels excellent in the hand, and we had no complaints when holding it up to our ear.


ZTE Agent

Tall and slim with a soft-touch close, the ZTE Agent is comfortable to hold.


To ZTE’s confidence, the 2.4-inch sight makes up about half the phone’s real estate. The sign are honestly sharp and sharp, even if the otherwise arresting menu point makes pledge grow duller on some screens. Soft keys control the menu and camcorder. Press the central Select button to cycle through MetroPCS’ typical list of preloaded apps–but more on those later. Read more at


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