T-Mobile Comet

17 Jul

T-Mobile Comet is a rebranded translation of the Huawei Ideos, which is a low-cost Apparatus phone. It certainly is financial statement-friendly; the entry-level smartphone is $9.99 with a two-year contract (on the other hand, you can get it as a prepaid choice for $200) and offers some nice facial appearance, such as Apparatus 2.2, a compact point, and exceptional call feature. Even if, it also suffers from a smaller sight and sluggish performance, and our assess units had a point malfunction. We’d suggest costs just $20 more for the LG Optimus T, which offers better hardware and bonus facial appearance, for free with contract.

At just 4.09 inches tall by 2.16 inches wide by 0.54 inch thick and 3.6 ounces, the T-Mobile Comet is quite the diminutive handset. It’s certainly simple to journeywith, and the curved edges and rounded corners make it comfortable to hold, but we have some concerns about the overall build feature. It’s not so much the roughness, as the handset feels quite solid, but the plastic piece covering the steering control area ongoing coming off off very near at once. It could be an isolated situation, but we expected two assess units and it happened on both. In one wits, austerely pressing down on the plastic cover fixed the problem, but in the following wits, the left confront kept popping back up, which only got worse as more dust and waste collected on the adhesive strip.


T-Mobile Comet

The T-Mobile Comet is compact and frivolous.



The Comet facial appearance a 2.8-inch WVGA (320×240) capacitive touch cover. In an affordable, entry-level device, the lower-pledge sight is to be expected, and we found the cover to be satisfactorily sharp and clear. It’s also quite open, as it registered all our touches and smoothly scrolled through lists and menus. Even if, there is no multitouch help, and the sight’s smaller size beyond doubt hampers the Web browsing and CD encounter. It also makes for a cramped onscreen upright, but the inclusion of Swype alleviates the problem, as it’s simpler to swipe from key to key than to peck at the small buttons. Read more at


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