Sanyo Zio M6000

17 Jul

Now that Apparatus has made it to all “huge four” inhabitant carriers, it was only a matter of time previous to it visited some of the smaller wireless operators in the United States. U.S. Cellular got its turn earlier this year with the Samsung Acclaim and HTC Question, and now Cricket Wireless follows with the Sanyo Zio M6000.

Formerly introduced as the Kyocera Zio (Kyocera bought the Sanyo brand last year), the M6000 offers a minimalist point and a figure set that centers on the basics. We won’t knock it for not offering mind-blowing facial appearance–not every Apparatus phone needs to go for the gold like Samsung’s Galaxy S series–even if we’re not pleased that it debuts with just Apparatus OS 1.6 (Donut). Opportunely, even if, performance was satisfactory on most fronts.

In more ways than one, the Zio is well suited to Cricket’s financial statement-minded team. Of way, at $249 ($229 if you buy it online) it doesn’t come at a bargain price, but that’s the trade-off for not having to sign a contract. Even better, Cricket’s data plot for the Zio and possibility Apparatus devices is just$55 per month for boundless voice, data, and text.

As Apparatus phones go, the Sanyo Zio doesn’t make a statement. It sports a basic candy bar point with a austere black color, clean lines, and rectangular shape. The consequence is a sharply practical and somewhat dull look, but we reckon that it works. The front is very near all touch cover with a few physical reins down below. At 4.6 inches long by 2.3 inches wide by 0.48 inches deep, the Zio is moderately compact and frivolous (3.7 ounces), but it has a comfortable, solid feel in the hand.



The Zio’s sight isn’t the sharpest we’ve seen, but it’s more than satisfactory.



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