Samsung Gusto

17 Jul

As an entry-level hard-gray-and-black flip phone, the Samsung Gusto is the spitting image of the Samsung Charming, even if its figure set and point vaguely clash. Even if there are some nice facialappearance inside, the phone’s build and call feature are pretty everyday. The price, even if, is very low–free from after an online money off and a new two-year contract, and $19.99 with a new contractafter a $50 mail-in discount, if you pick it up in retail stores.

Even if one on hand the gray-and-black Samsung Gusto is a justly arresting flip phone, a quicker look shows a glossy body so shiny and plasticky that it winds up looking cheap. Other point fundamentals are top bolt from the blue to just a curve above the open-air cover, a slope on the back, and some nubbly texture.



The Samsung Gusto is light and small. It’s honestly arresting, even if the ultrashiny black plasticcheapens the look.


The Gusto stands 3.8 inches tall, and measures 1.89 inches wide and 0.76 inch deep, so it will slip straightforwardly into a sack or bag. Also, it weighs 3.28 ounces, which makes it light, but not a featherweight. On the front is the lens for the 1.3-megapixel camera and the 1.07-inch open-air color sight that shows the date, time, and array meter. On the right spine sits the Micro-USB charging port, a 2.5mm receiver jack, and dedicated buttons to launch the camera and speakerphone. The left spine hosts the number rocker. An open-air lecturer is on the back.Read more at


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