Samsung Eternity II

17 Jul

When Samsung feels that it has a excellent thought, it’s not shy about sharing it among U.S. carriers. The company certainly is doing that now with the various versions of the Samsung Galaxy S, but we also saw it apply the like back in late 2008 with four akin modelsof a midrange touch-cover phone. Gallop’s Instinct, T-Mobile’s Behold, Alltel’s , and AT&T’s Eternity each place its own spin on the plotting, but at the time we liked what they had to offer. And now, more than a year and a half later, Samsung is in suspense to repeat that accomplishment by arresting up AT&T again with the Eternity II.

Even if we have no harms with the plotting of cell phone sequels, they must follow fastidious rules like their cinematic counterparts. They must take up again, very then repeat, the tale, and they must improve on their predecessor in some way. Sadly, the Eternity II doesn’t do any. Sure, it’s a tad prettier than the first handset, but it retains very near the same figure set. And for one figure, it even takes a step back. Even if a handset like the Eternity II would have been fine two years ago, it’s just looking dated now. You can get it for $69.99 with benefit.

If you prefer a physical upright, you might as well stop conception this assess now. Like a handful of other Samsung devices, the Eternity II is all about a touch cover. Of way, there’s nothing incorrect with going that route, but we grasp that some public like to feel buttons beneath their fingers. At 4.41 inches long by 2.11 inches wide by 0.5 inch deep, the Eternity II is moderately compact, even if it is a tad heavier than you might reckon (5 ounces). Just dredge up to be careful and not drop the handset on its plastic cover. The royal blue color is only one of its kind and arresting, and we like the kooky 3D look of the bubble point on the phone’s rear side.

Of way, a smaller phone means a small sight. Even if that can be problematic on any phone, it’s primarily troublesome on a touch-cover device. To be sure, the Eternity II’s cover measures just 3 inches diagonally, which is about a quarter of an inch smaller than our minimum. Opportunely, the Eternity II offers three home screens so you’re not constantly scrolling to find what you need. Also, we have to commit Sammy for giving the sight a decent pledge (262,144 sign; 240×400 pixels).




 Eternity II

With TouchWiz, you get one-touch access to an collection of facial appearance.


The Eternity II uses Samsung’s TouchWiz interface. Its fundamental figure is a collapsible bar on the left side of the cover that holds icons for various facial appearance. When you drag the icons out to the main cover, you then get one-touch access to the corresponding figure. After a link years of using TouchWiz, we’re not completely in like with the interface–primarily since we’d like more customization–but we be thankful for what Samsung tried to do. The shortcuts are convenient and we like the widgets for the music player and calendar. Read more at


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