Motorola Grasp

17 Jul

Motorola is certainly no weirder to the messaging phone, but the company seems to be focusing more on smartphones lately, with recent Apparatus newcomers like the Charm and the Droid 2 taking focal pointstage. Still, that doesn’t mean it’s leave-taking the humble text-centric handheld behind. It recently amalgamated with U.S. Cellular to launch the MotorolaGrasp, a austere square handset with a straightforward QWERTY upright and an optical trackpad. We had affront doubts about the point, and it doesn’t have the best CD facial appearance, but it does have EV-DO, and its eco-friendly shell helps to alleviate some consumer guilt. The Grasp is also very affordable at only $39.95 after a two-year contract and a $50 mail-in discount.

You would be forgiven if you plotting the Motorola Grasp was a BlackBerry at first glance. It has that same candy bar style with curved corners, a full QWERTY upright, and even an optical trackpad. Upon quicker inspection, even if, it’s in fact very different. At 3.7 inches long by 2.4 inches wide by 0.51 inch thick, the Grasp is shorter and thicker than most BlackBerrys, and its plastic shell feels a bit cheap as well.




The Motorola Grasp has an optical trackpad for simple steering. Read more at


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