HTC Desire

17 Jul

First announced at Mobile World Congress 2010, we’ve had to wait seven long months for theHTC Question to land Stateside, and admittedly, we were apprehensive that it would come up small compared with some of the smartphones that have come out since. We were incorrect. Sure, it doesn’t have some of the latest and greatest facial appearance found on other smartphones, like a front-facing camera or an HDMI port, but it offers a solid figure set, top-notch point, and fantastic performance. It’s a above all fantastic and vital addendum for U.S. Cellular, whose smartphone team has been gone and whose only Apparatus offering up until now has been the Samsung Acclaim. In our book, it’s hands down the best smartphone that the carrier has to offer. The HTC Question will be available from U.S. Cellular early August 27 for $199.99 with a two-year contract and after a $70 mail-in discount.

As a close cousin to the Nexus One, the HTC Question sports a akin point, and we have no problem with that since we like the N1. The handset measures 4.7 inches tall by 2.4 inches wide by 0.5 inch thick and weighs 4.76 ounces, so it’s not too huge and not too small. Like a digit of HTC’s Apparatus devices previous to it, the Question has a affront chin at the underside but it’s much more devious and doesn’t get in the way of slipping the phone into a pants sack. The rounded edges also make it comfortable to hold in the hand. It’s a solid-feeling phone all nearly–not plasticky or cheap.




The Question has a point akin to that of the Nexus One.




The Question facial appearance a 3.7-inch, WVGA (800×480) capacitive touch cover that’s gorgeous and sharp, so whether you’re conception text, Web pages, or viewing photos and video, you’re getting a fantastic encounter. In addendum, the sight is open and has pinch-to-zoom help, a built-in accelerometer, and a proximity sensor. The zooming capabilities are charming and quick, and there was very modest delay when switching cover orientation. We were able to quickly launch apps and scroll through lists with ease as well. HTC’s onscreen upright is pretty decent, even if vaguely cramped in likeness mode. Read more at


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