16 Jul

As extraordinary as it may seem, LG has never had a phone on T-Mobile, at least until the summer of 2010. To be sure, the Sentio marks LG’s first handset in T-Mobile’s stable. Aside from that accolade, don’t guess anything revolutionary–the Sentio is exactingly in midrange figure-phone territory. Even if, we like its charming and willowy point, and its CD facialappearance work well–for the most part. I don’t know the most arresting part of the phone is that it’s very affordable–it’s only $69.99 with a new two-year contract with T-Mobile.

The LG Sentio is remarkably slim and chic. Measuring only 4.2 inches long by 2.1 inches wide by 0.5 inch thick, the Sentio is one of the thinnest touch-cover phones we’ve seen. At 3.3 ounces, it’s beyond doubt one of the lightest phones as well. It doesn’t use steel or glass, but it is wrapped in a charming and soft slate gray plastic that grips well. Its gently curved corners and edges add to the overall ergonomic feel of the phone.




The LG Sentio has a 3.0-inch resistive touch cover




Smack dab on the front of the phone is the 3.0-inch touch-cover sight. According to LG, the Sentio’s sight chains 262,000 sign, and it shows–its descriptions look nice and peculiar, and we can be thankful for the devious shading of the menu icons as well. Even if, it’s not quite as animated as some of the glass displays that we’ve seen on more advanced smartphones. You can change the font size and the backlight time. Read more at


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