16 Jul

When we first learned of the Samsung Haven for Verizon Wireless, we plotting it was a thick, boxy brick of a older phone. Since then, we’ve come to better be thankful for its usability charms. In the spectrum of cell phones geared headed for the silver-haired set, the Haven sits right in the median. It neither resembles a telephonic calculator like the Just5 J509, nor is it as tech savvy as the PCD CDM8635, with its 1.3-megapixel camera and hearing help facial appearance.

The Samsung Haven forgoes a camera–not automatically a disadvantage–and focuses instead on building the mission facial appearance on this flip phone straightforwardly accessible. As with many older phones, the Haven’s large font and dialpad keys are desirable attributes, as are the in-case-of-urgent situation (ICE) numbers and shortcut buttons to key facial appearance. The phone isn’t without its warts, which contain median-of-the-road call feature and some frankly hokey software offerings. Even if, $39.99 with a new two-year benefit contract is a tough price to beat.

For a flip phone, the Samsung Haven is a bit large, at 3.92 inches tall by 2 inches wide by 0.72 inch thick. Yet, the phone’s boxy hardness (3.49 ounces) makes it simple to hold despite a slick backing. The Haven is arresting enough with its dark gray exterior, black pinstripe accents, and muted black interior. Vaguely potholed sides start a nice handhold for right-handers when mesmerizing the Haven next to their ears. The cavernous spines also make it simpler to open the phone. On the right spine you’ll find the Micro-USB charging port. On the leftthere’s a 2.5-millimeter receiver jack and the number rocker.



The Samsung Haven is boxy, but nice.



On the front is the Haven’s 1.07-inch open-air sight, which shows the time in large calligraphy, and also the indicate might and array life. You can elucidate the sight after it fades by pressing and holding on the number rocker. Read more at


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