Motorola Rambler

16 Jul

Very near a year after Boost Mobile introduced its first-ever messaging phone, the Motorola Clasp i465, it’s ready to welcome yet a additional Motorola courier into its stable. The aptly named MotorolaRambler houses a QWERTY upright in a compact clamshell. Even if we have questions as to the phone’s ergonomics, we do like its overall aesthetic and its midrange facial appearance are decent. The Motorola Rambler is $99.99 without a contract.


We’re used to courier phones that are any slates or sliders, so we were quite bowled over to see Motorola take the Rambler in the flip-phone direction. Flip-phone courier handsets aren’t new–see the LG Lotus Elite for model– but they’re still quite the rarity. Disparate the Lotus, even if, the Rambler is more rectangular than square. Measuring 3.7 inches long by 2.24 inches wide by 0.7 inch thick, the Rambler looks compact from straight on, but it in fact has quite a thick profile. It has curved corners on the front, but the back has straight sides all the way nearly; this lets it lie flat on a table, but it doesn’t feel very comfortable when held in the hand.




The Motorola Rambler is a better-than-mean clamshell, thankfulness to the QWERTY upright.




Smack dab in the focal point of the phone is a 1.6 inch open-air sight. It’s peculiar and sharp, and it displays the usual array, indicate might, and date and time in rank. You can change the wallpaper and clock format, and you can also use it for caller ID. Right above the open-air sight is the camera lens, so you can use the open-air sight as a self-likeness camera viewfinder. On the left spine are the number rocker, lecturer key, and Mini-USB mount jack, while the voice mandate key and 2.5mm receiver jack are on the right. Read more at

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