MacBook Air with Backlit Keyboard, 256GB SSD Coming Next Week – Report

15 Jul

The new MacBook Airs everyone is waiting to emerge are not coming this week, but the next, according to a person privy of Apple’s plans with the Macintosh lineup.

“The rumor sites are off by a week,” this insider said, according to All Things D.

The source confirmed that, although rumors of new MBAs arriving this week were false, the rest of the details pertaining to the hardware upgrade were accurate.

In other words, Apple’s new MacBook Airs are launching next week with new Sandy Bridge processors from Intel, support for the new high-speed Thunderbolt port (also from Intel), back list keyboards, and new storage configurations that start at 128GB (as opposed to the current minimum of 64GB) and 256GB of flash storage.


Pricing should remain in place, if not get dropped, as some rumors suggest.

That’s all from this source, but it appears that Apple is not stopping at the MacBook Air with this month’s Macintosh upgrade plans.

The company headquartered at 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California is believed to plan the release of several new computers, including an upgraded White MacBook, new MacBook minis, and a new version of the MacBook with a rack-mountable form factor to replace the recently-discontinued Xserve.

All MacBook will come pre-installed with the latest MacBook iteration – OS X 10.7 Lion – that much we can be sure of. Read more…


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