Cisco Flip UltraHD Pocket Camcorder

15 Jul

Cisco Flip UltraHD Pocket Camcorder

The YouTube phenomenon has literally exploded over the past few years, and has actually led to the appearance of a whole new concept, that of “video social media”.Cisco Flip I mean, just about every major social networking service out there also has a video section, why the number of online Cisco Flip services dedicated solely to video sharing is also on the Cisco Flip rise.


Cisco Flip

However, in order to shoot videos for later uploading to Cisco Flip YouTube, users require Cisco Flip a camcorder they can easily carry around with them. Most Cisco Flip people use the video camera modules fitted onto their mobile Cisco Flip (or smart) phones for video recording on the go,  Cisco Flip but the quality of the resulting videos, despite seriously improving with each new phone generation, is  Cisco Flip still inferior to the one provided by a dedicated Cisco Flip device.


Cisco Flip

And this is exactly the type of gadget we’ve recently Cisco Flip had the chance of testing, namely the Flip UltraHD Cisco Flip pocket camcorder by Cisco, an ultra-portable video recording device that is in fact so easy to handle that just about anyone can do it. After all, how hard is Cisco Flip it to press a big, red button, placed Cisco Flip  in the middle of a device slightly larger than a Cisco Flip smartphone? Read more at


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