Asus-ROG G51J 3D Notebook

15 Jul

It’s now pretty Asus-ROG much undeniable that, at least on short and medium term, the future of entertainment (whether we’re talking here about video or gaming) is related to the concept of 3D. I mean, the whole Asus-ROG 3D fray exploded in 2010, with a very large number of manufacturers simply flooding the market with all sorts of products related to the field of 3D, whether we’re talking about displays Asus-ROG, Blu-ray players or cameras (mostly professional ones, though).


However, most of these solutions are what I’d Asus-ROG like to call “passive” ones Asus-ROG, meaning that they allow users to enjoy 3D content, without actually Asus-ROG getting involved in the whole process. And this is especially Asus-ROG visible in the field of gaming, where the Asus-ROG current-generation gaming consoles don’t really support 3D Asus-ROG gaming natively.

So, what is there to do if you’re an avid gamer  Asus-ROGwho wants to enjoy the latest titles in three glorious dimensions? Well, you could easily go for a PC solution powered by NVIDIA’s 3D Vision technology, but this is already “old news,” as it’s been around since last year. Asus-ROG Plus, this means you’re stuck to a desktop PC, which is not Asus-ROG particularly cool, is it now? Read more at


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