11 Jul
image of Fujifilm FinePix F100fd

Fuji F100fd

by Stephanie Boozer
Review Date: 06/24/08

It seems like digital cameras these days can do just about anything. Smile detection, face detection, image stabilization, intelligent preset scene modes…you name it and most digital cameras can at least attempt to handle it. The Fujifilm FinePix F100fd definitely aims to be a crowd-pleaser, featuring a nice bevy of options and modes to compensate for just about any shooting problem or complexity. The Fujifilm F100fd boasts sensitivities as high as 12,800 ISO, an extremely useful Dynamic Range adjustment tool, a smart Face Detection system that recognizes moving faces at any angle, well-thought-out Scene modes, Dual Image Stabilization (CCD-shift to reduce camera shake, high ISO for subject motion), and even technology so new (IrSimple wireless connectivity) that there are few devices out there to complement it. It’s also small, pocketable, and nice to look at.

With so many advanced features, Fujifilm didn’t neglect the basics. The FinePix F100fd has a 12-megapixel CCD that captures very high resolution images with excellent detail. There’s also a 5x optical zoom lens with a maximum wide angle of 28mm–a good deal wider than average. The FinePix F100fd’s images are sharp and well-defined, with good overall color and exposure. There’s a healthy selection of preset Scene modes that address common shooting concerns, and Auto and Manual (Program AE) modes as well. The FinePix F100fd is perfect for novices, as its useful Scene modes let the camera do all the work (such as Portrait Enhancer mode for more flattering portraits and Night mode with exposures as long as 8 seconds). You can also switch over to “Manual”, which keeps the camera in charge of the exposure but lets you adjust exposure compensation, metering mode, white balance, ISO, etc. With its capable features and great performance, the FinePix F100fd is sure to win over novices and more advanced users alike–read on for all the details.

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