Olympus, D-620L Digital Cameras@DASHING THING REVIEW

10 Jul
* True “SLR” through-the-lens viewing
* 1.4 million pixels, 1280×1024 image
* 3x, f2.8 aspheric zoom lens, 36-110mm

Huge memory buffer for 0.8 second cycle time for up to 5 images at full resolution!
* External flash sync connection.

Olympus has been one of the more successful traditional, film-based camera manufacturers making the transition to digital photography. They established an early leadership role with their D-200 and D-300, and haven’t let up since: They were the first with under-$1,000 digital Single Lens Reflex (SLR) cameras, in their D-500 and D-600, and have demonstrated exceptional customer support by offering a retrofit service to adapt their D-600’s to the newer 16 MB SmartMedia standard. Now, they’ve updated their landmark D-600L to the D-620L, adding support for external flash, and an internal buffer memory for incredible shot-to-shot speed.
D-620L Zoom “High Points” overview

Several readers have requested quick, up-front feature summaries of the cameras we review, which we’ll be doing from this point onward. Herewith are the key characteristics of the Olympus D-620L, ranked in a completely arbitrary order reflecting our own personal biases and dispositions 😉

  • Megapixel zoom digital camera delivering 1,410,000 pixels, 1280×1024 image
  • 3x aspheric zoom lens in a true single lens reflex device
  • Through-the-lens (TTL) viewfinder for easy capturing and viewing of images
  • Large memory buffer provides VERY fast shot-to-shot cycle times for up to 5 images
  • True “filmless photography” experience
  • “Sequence Mode” feature provides 3.3 fps “Motor drive” for up to 5 full-resolution images
  • Sync connection for external flash, in addition to built-in auto flash unit
  • High-capacity (1450 mAh!) NiMH rechargeable batteries and charger included in box
  • 8 MB, 3.3V SmartMedia removable memory card for in-camera storage and for transferring images to PCs
  • Optional P-300/P-330 printers allows for quick and easy printing of images without computer
  • Utility software included for quick and easy downloading and viewing of images on home PCs
  • Optional “FlashPath” floppy-disk adapter for faster, easier image downloads
  • Image manipulation and excellent panorama-stitching software included
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