Olympus C-750 Ultra Zoom@DASHING THING REVIEW

10 Jul
* 4.0-megapixel resolution for 2,288 x 1,712 images. (Interpolated, native size is 3,200 x 2,400)
* 10x zoom lens.
* ISO sensitivity from 100-400
* xD-Picture Card memory storage
*  Standard Hot Shoe works with generic flashes as well as Olympus dedicated units


Note: This review is very similar to that of the . If you’ve read that review, you know most of what this camera can do as well. The biggest differences are that the C-740 has a 3.2 megapixel CCD vs the 4.0 megapixel sensor on the C-750, the C-750 has a “hot shoe” for attaching an external flash unit, which the C-740 lacks, and the C-750 records movies with sound, whereas the C-740 has no sound recording capability.


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Manufacturer Overview

In most respects, the C-750 Ultra Zoom is nearly identical to the earlier C-730 model. It’s about the same size and weight, and has the same zoom ratio and manual controls (such as adjustable AF area, long exposure times, and scene modes). The main difference between the two models is the 750’s larger CCD, as well as a higher maximum ISO setting (now extending to ISO 800), and an external flash hot shoe. Continuing Olympus’ stated intent of standardizing on the new xD-Picture Card memory format, the C-750 accepts only xD cards for image storage, whereas the previous C-730 accepted both xD-Picture Cards and SmartMedia cards. The C-750 also carries forward the well-received “My Camera” menu, which lets users custom-configure a broad range of settings to meet specific needs, as well as the full range of exposure options. All in all, an impressive, full-blown “enthusiast” camera with an unusually long-ratio zoom lens included in the bargain.The Olympus C-750 Ultra Zoom is the latest in a long line of long-zoom digicams from Olympus. While the long-zoom market is getting more crowded these days, Olympus really pioneered it with their excellent C-2100, and still retains a commanding position, with their C-740 and C-750 models. The Olympus C-750 UltraZoom sports a four megapixel CCD and a full 10x zoom lens, along with a range of features tailored to “enthusiast” users looking for full exposure control and compatibility with external flash units.

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