Olympus C-740 Ultra Zoom@DASHING THING REVIEW

10 Jul
* 3.2-megapixel resolution for 3,200 x 2,400 images. (Interpolated, native size is 2,048 x 1,536)
* 10x zoom lens.
* ISO sensitivity from 100-400
* xD-Picture Card memory storage
*  No external flash connection (See C-750 Ultra Zoom for this feature.)


Full review of production model camera
This is a full review, now updated to reflect results from a production-level camera. The Sample Pictures page, Test Results, and conclusion now reflect my experience with a production-level model.

Note: This review is very similar to that of the  If you’ve read that review, you know most of what this camera can do as well. The biggest differences are that the C-740 has a 3.2 megapixel CCD vs the 4.0 megapixel sensor on the C-750, the C-750 has a “hot shoe” for attaching an external flash unit, which the C-740 lacks, and the C-750 records movies with sound, whereas the C-740 has no sound recording capability.


EZ Print Link
Readers have requested free-formatted versions of our reviews (without the graphical accouterments of our page design), to make printing easier. We are accommodating this request with special copies of each review, formatted to allow the text flow to be dictated by the browser window. Click for a print-optimized page.


Manufacturer Overview
With its very successful line of Camedia digital cameras, Olympus has long been a dominant player in the digicam marketplace. They currently boast one of the broadest digital camera lineups in the industry, with numerous models ranging from pure entry-level, point-and-shoot digicams to the E-20 high-end SLR. Previously introducing the C-730 Ultra Zoom in the impressive three-megapixel category, Olympus updated the line with an incredible 10x optical zoom lens and incredible manual exposure control. The latest model, the C-740 Ultra Zoom, is an ever-so-slightly pared down version, offering the same great 10x optical zoom and manual control.

In most respects, the C-740 Ultra Zoom is nearly identical to the C-730. It’s about the same size and weight, and has the same zoom ratio and manual controls (such as adjustable AF area, long exposure times, and scene modes). What’s missing is the ability to record sound, the external flash sync terminal, and the dual memory card formats. (The previous C-730 accepted both SmartMedia and xD-Picture Cards, while the C-740 writes only to xD-Picture Cards.) The 740 does carry forward the “My Camera” menu, which lets the user custom-configure a broad range of settings to meet specific needs. Overall, the C-740 looks like a great option for good resolution, lots of features, and a long zoom on a budget.

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