Olympus SP-350 Digital Camera@DASHING THING REVIEW

08 Jul


Camera QuickLook
Stephanie Boozer and Shawn Barnett
Review Date
User Level
Novice – Experienced Amateur
Product Uses
Family / Travel
digital camera Design
Point and Shoot, Full Manual Control
Picture Quality
8.0-megapixel CCD
Print Sizes
16x20s, 11x17s with some cropping
Suggested Retail Price



The Olympus SP-350 features a 8.0-megapixel CCD, 3x lens, the availability of full manual exposure control and a flash hot shoe in a pocket-friendly, compact size. In addition to the camera’s automatic and manual controls, the SP-350 offers no less than 24 preset Scene modes, including a QuickTime Movie mode. With its small size, nice selection of creative controls, and high resolution sensor, the Olympus SP-350 is an excellent all-around camera suitable for novices and experienced amateurs alike.


User Report
by Shawn Barnett

When you first see the product shots of the Olympus SP-350, it’s not impressive. Its big grip on the right really looks silly, especially in the front shot. Holding and using the camera, however, gives a very different impression.

The big grip gives you a far better hold on the camera than other small cameras in this class, yet the camera still travels well.

Two other factors changed my opinion of the Olympus SP-350 very quickly: the hot shoe and the printed image quality.

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