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image of Olympus FE-310

Olympus FE-310

For the budget conscious shopper, the entry-level Olympus FE-310 combines an eight megapixel CCD imager, an Olympus-branded 5x optical zoom lens, and a 2.5-inch LCD display for under $150.

Olympus FE-310 Features

The FE-310 aims to keep things simple, with 17 shooting modes that make it easy to get the shot without understanding the subtleties of shutter speeds, apertures and the suchlike. As well as 20.5MB of built-in memory, images can be stored on xD-Picture cards. Power for the FE-310 comes from two AA batteries. There’s also USB 2.0 Full-Speed computer connectivity, and NTSC / PAL video out to let you see your photos on a television.

Additional Olympus FE-310 features and details (adapted from the press release):

  • Powerful Optics
    Great images start with great optics. The new FE-340 and FE-310 have a 5x Optical Zoom made from precision-crafted lenses that put you 60 percent closer to the action than 3x.
  • Face Detection
    Face Detection, featured in the FE-340, tracks faces within the frame and automatically focuses (Face Detection AF) and optimizes exposure (Face Detection AE) for sharp, brilliant portrait pictures. Even if your subject is moving, the camera continuously tracks your subject’s face without having to press the shutter button.
  • Digital Image Stabilization Mode and Edit
    Digital Image Stabilization (DIS) is featured in the four new FE cameras for capturing crisp, clear pictures. DIS freezes the action with high ISO sensitivity and fast shutter speeds to prevent blurry images often caused by a moving subject. The FE-320 and FE-340 also feature Digital Image Stabilization Edit, which uses a built-in gyro sensor to track camera movement and enables users to fix blurry images right in the camera.
  • Pre-Set Shooting Modes Featuring Smile Shot
    The FE-320 and the FE-340 feature Smile Shot, which tracks your subject’s face to detect a smile and automatically fires off three consecutive shots so you never miss that perfect smile. This feature is great for parents hoping to capture babies’ hard-to-predict smiles, for example. The four new FE-Series cameras offer numerous pre-set shooting modes, such as Sports, Fireworks and Night Scene with Portrait. The cameras also offer VGA-quality video and sound, which enable users to shoot and share movies on the big screen or on the Web. The FE-310 and FE-350 offer 17 shooting modes, and the FE-320 and FE-340 offer 19 shooting modes.
  • Perfect Shot Preview
    The new FE cameras offer Perfect Shot Preview mode, which enables users to preview and select various photographic effects on a live, multi-frame window on the LCD before snapping the shot. This feature allows users to see precisely what the image will look like when adjustments are made, ensuring users are capturing the exact image they want. It is a great way for novice users to learn about the effects of different photography techniques, such as exposure compensation, white balance and metering..
  • Expanded Control and Easy Operation
    In some situations, consumers may want more creative control when composing images. The four new FE cameras offer Program Auto Mode. Located on the cameras’ mode dial, this option enables consumers to easily adjust ISO and white balance. Additionally, the new FE-Series cameras feature three In-Camera Help Guides, making digital photography simple and fun for users of all ages and skill levels. A tutorial “shooting guide” educates users on tips for achieving specific effects, such as “shooting into backlight” and “brightening subjects.” The shooting guide not only provides detailed descriptions for various situations and environments, it also automatically sets the camera with the touch of a button, making the transition from learning to taking great pictures instantaneous.
  • OLYMPUS Master™ 2 Software
    OLYMPUS Master 2 Software provides the ultimate in digital imaging management. An intuitive user interface makes downloading to your computer quick and simple, and images are easily organized by folders or albums and searchable by date in Calendar view. And with one-click editing tools, such as red-eye removal, images can be touched up before printing or emailing. Online support, templates, firmware upgrades and other user services are just a mouse-click away. Use the optional muvee™ Theater Pack to create professional quality slide shows and DVDs from your pictures using any of several built-in templates.
  • Olympus Premium Cases and Silicone Skin
    Olympus also offers premium cases in various colors, including black, pink and red leather, and a sporty neoprene case perfect for active or outdoor situations.

Olympus FE-310 Pricing and Availability

The Olympus FE-310 ships starting January 2008, with an estimated street price of US$150.


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