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Samsung Transform Assess

For a phone claiming to be transformative, we were certainly in suspense for a list of more unusual facial appearance in Gallop’s new SamsungTransform. What we get instead is a very decent midrange Apparatus smartphone with a standard-size touch cover, a slide-out QWERTY upright, and pragmatic front- and rear-facing cameras. Even if, the Transform does have one unusual figure that stands out, at least for now. It’s one of the first three Apparatus smartphones to launch with Gallop’s new Gallop ID Packs, which are point profiles that configure all from the theme and widgets to the app shortcuts that grow on your home screens, and even e-mail settings.

TransformCall feature was a winner on the appealing Transform, but a small array life and total moments of sluggishness after loading a Gallop ID were disappointments. The Transform ships with translation 2.1 of the Apparatus in commission logic, but Gallop told CNET it expects to upgrade the Transform to Apparatus 2.2.

The Samsung Transform will cost $149.99 after a $100 mail-in discount, with a new two-year benefit contract.

The Samsung Transform’s point is simple on the eyes, but it doesn’t bring anything new to the table. With its rounded corners and glossy, black close (a silver seam on the edge is the exception), the Transform is plainly the Samsung Epic 4G’s smaller cousin. The handset is 4.6 inches tall by 2.4 inches wide by 0.6 inch deep and weighs 5.4 ounces, which imparts a solid feel in the hand. The presence of a slide-out QWERTY upright will make it a tad too thick for some pockets, but it should slide nicely into most and into purses as well.

Samsung recently has poured energy into its touch screens, with the phones in the Galaxy S series ration as bright examples with their Super AMOLED displays. Unfortunately, you won’t find those high-end specs here on midrange phones like this, and we wouldn’t guess it. What you will find, even if, is a 3.5-inch touch cover with an HVGA sight supporting a 480×320-pixel pledge and 16 million sign. We have no complaints about the brightness or vibrancy, and the cover itself is charming and open.

TransformThe Transform comes with a front-facing VGA camera, which is instrumental for video mission and self-portraits. Of way, still photo feature won’t be fantastic, but the scheme is that you need a less commanding camera for close-up shots such as of your face. Below the cover are the standard Apparatus touch-insightful buttons that pull up the menu, go home, go back, and trigger search.

On the right spine there’s a dedicated camera button, voice mandate control, and power button. On the left is the number rocker, and a 3.5-millimeter receiver jack and Micro-USB charging port make their home on the top side–we like the latter’s sliding cover that snaps into place. On the back is the 3.2-megapixel camera with an adjacent flash; both are square-shaped for visual interest. The back cover has a soft-touchclose that makes the Transform comfortable to hold, and if you look closely you’ll notice that the plastic is shimmery. There’s also a microSD card slot that can hold up to 32GB of expandable memory. It’s awkwardly tucked under the back cover, but you don’t have to take out the array to access it. Samsung gets you ongoing with a 2GB memory card that ships with the Transform.


Stepping away from solid black, the Transform’s slide-out QWERTY upright is gray with white and orange accents. The upright is indisputably spacious, with wide, rectangular keys. It was I don’t know too wide for our tastes, and we placed it in a diversity of hands. Accomplishment the upright’s confront buttons took try. The Transform’s flush keys are harder to type on than domed keys that rise above the surface, but despite their evenness, pressing the party buttons was simple and charming. An emoticon button and four directional buttons are the only two with special functions.

TransformGallop has kept most of the typical Apparatus facial appearance in its user interface. There are five home screens, a Google search widget, and three onscreen buttons for navigating to your phone, opening the app tray, and launching the new, only one of its kind Gallop ID.

In an try to differentiate from competitors, Gallop has built on Apparatus’s open-fund home screens with Gallop ID. The Transform is one of three phones–and the only Samsung model–to help Gallop ID at launch. At its heart, Gallop ID is a profile that will preconfigure the wallpaper, shortcuts, widgets, and even e-mail and Wi-Fi settings, on the phone’s five start screens. Instead of personalizing your start screens from scrape, loading what Gallop calls its ID Packs will straightforwardly bed in a set of tools, apps, and wallpaper in one go. A sports pack could set athletic-themed wallpaper, for model, and bed in a ride out widget, shortcuts to live scores apps, a sports news ticker, and so on. There are 13 ID Packs at launch with more to come; you can store up to five in your arcade of favorites. ID Packs are urban by sources large and small, and range from leisure activities to affair to an ID Pack ardent to a city (it might contain metro apps and containeddeals), to branded experiences from companies like Disney and TV networks.

The phone loads with a generic interface that you can make to order as you would on any other Apparatus phone by adding and removing widgets and shortcuts. Tap the Gallop ID button to see your arcade of favorite ID Packs, counting the default home cover configuration that you’re free to personalize (called “My ID”). There are also options to peruse the arcade of new IDs and add more. Read our full assess of Gallop ID for more fine points.

TransformThe Samsung Transform offers a speakerphone, talks mission, voice dialing, text and CD messaging, and the full range of wireless options: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G (EV-DO Rev. A), and GPS. The phone book is top bolt from the blue only by the domestic memory, which is 256MB RAM and 512MB ROM. There’s room in each entry for multiple numbers, e-mail addresses, IM handles, group IDs, photo caller IDs, and so on. The Transform chains visual voice mail to deal with your voice mail box.

As with most Apparatus phones, you can merge supporter in rank from various accounts, such as Outlook and Gmail. There are also settings to help VPN. We had no vex syncing e-mail when signing on to our Google account on the Transform, even if calendar syncing was unsuccessful all through setup.

The app tray is moderately sparse when you first log in, in part since Gallop’s thought is that loading Gallop ID profiles will also reluctantly bed in many of the apps you “need.” There are the usual Apparatus suspects, like the Gmail app we mentioned, Google’s Liberty supporter-finding and location benefit, a music app, Google’s free turn-by-turn steering, a voice dialer, Google Seats, Google Talk, and YouTube. Gallop’s extras contain a Nascar app, Gallop TV, and Gallop Football Live. As permanently, you can download free and premium apps in the Apparatus Promote.

On the exchanges front, the Transform has all the tools you’ll need to text, chat, and e-mail. As with other Apparatus phones in Samsung’s team, the Transform plays nicely with Gmail, POP3, IMAP, and Chat accounts. Even if there is a dedicated Gmail app, the e-mail app can optionally bring collectively the e-mail from multiple accounts into a single in-box, or you can point out to view accounts unconnectedly. We prefer the latter, in person, but only since we found party in-boxes simpler to sort through.

TransformGallop has bespoke the stock WebKit-based browser with a branded translation of SprintWeb that loads with a Gallop page by default. You can change your home page in the settings. Browser facial appearance contain the usual character of multiple tabs, bookmark help, description, and the ability to save an image. As long as Wi-Fi and data was strong, browsing was painless.

The Transform’s music player comes empty, so you’ll need to fill it up with music yourself. Two ways are by transferring tunes over USB or through an SD card. A music store, Gallop Music Plus, is meant to be installed on the Transform, even if the app was absent in our assess unit. The music player is standard fare for its type, with four tabs for organizing albums, artists, song titles, and playlists. In addendum to mix up there is party mix up, which takes a stab at automixing. There’s also help for album art where available; repeat; and turning a song into a ringtone. We can’t complain about the Transform’s audio feature, but smartphone music playback commonly sounds better using receiver.

Camera shots and videos were equally simple to deal with on the Transform, with a slider button for toggling between the modes and an onscreen button to control the close. At 3.2 megapixels, the feature is obviously midrange. The photos aren’t terrible, but they do lack the sharpness, detail, and fruitfulness of a 5-megapixel handgun. Slide-out settings on the cover let you swap between front and rear cameras, flash mode, 13 scene modes, five white-weigh presets, six color equipment, and three metering equipment. You get your scale of four pixel sizes, three variations of photo feature, and three focus modes.

In video mode, you can shoot with the standard pledge (352×288 pixels) or with a weaker pledge (176×144 pixels) that’s optimized for CD post. You’re able to set the video duration for 30 seconds (the default for CD messaging), 10 minutes, or 30 minutes. The camcorder shares the camera’s flash, color equipment, and white-weigh presets. Photo-control tools can rotate and crop the image, and you can save or share the photo through the usual e-mail and shared media channels.

The Samsung Transform excellent:

The Samsung Transform has an arresting point with a front-facing camera. The phone is comfortable to hold and has exceptional call feature.

The Samsung Transform terrible:

The Samsung Transform’s array life is small, and Gallop IDs take minutes to load. Our model lacked a music store.

The Samsung Transform underside line:

With midrange facial appearance, the Samsung Transform is a solid scale for an Apparatus smartphone. Clear call feature is a bonus, but the Gallop ID profile benefit isn’t for everyone.

The Samsung Transform Price: $149.99

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