07 Jul

Samsung HMX-R10

Samsung may not be a go-to camcorder brand in the U.S. like Canon, Sony, Panasonic, and JVC are, but at least it’s trying to differentiate its team. The HMX-R10 is a exact model. It’s compact and practically pricedfor a full HD camcorder (even if its 1080p video consequences aren’t as excellent as its other pledge options). It also has a lot of shooting facial appearance and, in an attempt to make use more comfortable, Samsung angled the R10′s lens at 25 degrees to reduce strain on your wrist. If you can change to shooting like this, it works well; even if, Samsung made some other point choices that miss the mark. In the end, the R10 is at its best as a point-and-shoot camcorder, a step up from sack minicamcorders, but not as competent as prosumer models.

R10The R10 beyond doubt has an eye-transmittable point. Its shell-shaped body–available in silver and black versions–is slim enough to slip into a large sack or small bag. The lens is at once noticeable as different. Angled up 25 degrees, the camcorder is meant to be used with your wrist straight instead of cocked back. It makes for more natural positioning for shooting video and photos, but if you’re used to a habitual camcorder positioning, it takes some time to change. The right side is curved in so your palm fits into the body. There is no habitual hand strap on the R10, only a wrist strap. This is I don’t know since of the angled lens, but regardless, it makes for a less than reliable grip on the camcorder made worse by the honestly slippery body notes. You’ll certainly want to use the wriststrap and shoot with two hands (left hand on the left edge of the sight) as much as doable.

As for its reins, they’re both excellent and terrible. On top is a close relief for photos and that’s all. Tender to its back is a Mode button for switching between capturing still descriptions or video, a vertical zoom rocker for the modest 5x optical zoom, and a confirmation button. (Below these reins is a covered panel with Mini-HDMI port, DC in, and proprietary USB/AV jacks.) While better hands should have no problem using these reins, smaller ones will doubtless struggle to reach them and keep a reliable, steady grip when tape. Primarily when using the zoom rocker, which should be went to the top. (By the way, the HMX-R10′s image stabilization is electronic only. In my tests, it didn’t grow to work well.)

R10Flip open the 2.7-inch touch-cover sight and you’ll get a following set of confirmation and zoom reins (de rigueur if you have an overhand grip on the R10) as well as a Q.Menu button that letsyou curriculum up to four of your most evenly used shooting facial appearance (focus, white weigh, pledge, exposure, and so on) for quick changes. In the LCD hollow space are three more buttons: power, Simple Q, and sight/iCheck. When the camcorder’s on, the sight/iCheck button toggles the onscreen in rank on or off; even if, when the R10′s off, the button gives you gauges for remaining array life and storage room. Simple Q is Samsung’s simplified involuntary mode with modest access to adjustments.

The touch cover is used for changing settings, counting blue-collar adjustments to focus, close speed, and gap should you point out to do so. Unfortunately, the cover isn’t the most open, so building these changes can be trying. Also, there’s no choice to adjust the touch cover. Even if, on the upside, you get a touch focus choice that lets you focus the camcorder on the assess person or differ with a austere touch.

R10On the underside of the camcorder is the array and memory card compartment. The Samsung doesn’t have domestic memory storage, so you’ll need to give an SD/SDHC card. Also, since the compartment is covered, there’s no opportunity to get a better, longer-life array. Luckily, its array time is very excellent for its class, but you may still want to invest in a backup pack. There is a built-in flash on the front of the camcorder; even if, but it can’t be used as avideo light. There’s no belt shoe nor are there jacks foradding an open-air mic or receiver. This isn’t so much a bolt from the blue as just a touch to be aware of if you’re in need of those equipment. What is a bolt from the blue is the exact lack of lens safeguard. The R10 comes with a defending case to slip the full thing into, but as far as just tossing it in a bag goes, you’ll have to be very careful not to scrape the lens.

The Samsung HMX-R10 excellent:


Very compact; above-mean figure set counting slow-shift movie confirmation.

The Samsung HMX-R10 terrible:

No lens safeguard; touch-cover blue-collar reins trying to use; lots of noise in low light video; slippery body; no mic and earphone jacks or belt shoe.

The Samsung HMX-R10 underside line:

The Samsung HMX-R10′s plentiful shooting facial appearance and fine-feature HD video for its class–at least in excellent lighting–make it a very excellent compact HD camcorder. Even if, its point beyond doubt isn’t for everyone.

The Samsung HMX-R10 Price: $499.99

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