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Nikon Coolpix L22 Assess

Looking at the 12-megapixel Nikon Coolpix L22, you can know why a name would buy it. It’s a excellent-looking compact camera at a low price with three equipment public would be attracted to: a 3-inch LCD, AA batteries for power, and the Nikon brand. Pop in its batteries and the camera has a nice consequence to it, building it feel like a well-built, well-built camera. And like most in its class, theL22 is very much a fully involuntary point-and-shoot with modest to change except for maybe alternative an appropriate scene mode.

L22The L22 is a modest too top bolt from the blue in the figure sphere, even if, which can make it trying to get usable photos. Team that with median-of-the-road lens feature and some performanceconcerns and you have an entry-level camera that’s really not excellent for much additional than taking snapshots of portraits and landscapes in full sunlight for use at small sizes or online.

Again, with the batteries in it, the L22 has a nice consequence to it. The AA-size batteries are the main attraction here, and the L22 can be used with alkalines, long-life lithium-ion cells, and rechargeable NiMHs. The array compartment is trying to open, and more so to close. It has a latch to reliable it, but according to numerous user reviews it’s honestly weak and breaks straightforwardly. I had no vex with my assess camera, but looking at the tiny latch, it’s not surprising; with the batteries out, the L22 feels considerably less well-built.

It is comfortable to use, even if, with austere reins that are huge and simple to read. The cover is better than usual for an entry-level camera and gets practically sharp; I still had vex using it in sharp sun, but that can be said about a lot of LCDs. The lens, on the other hand, is a disappointment.

With Nikon’s name you might guess a fastidious level of feature from the lens. The L22′s is honestly variable: it’s practically sharp in the focal point, but gets noticeably softer to the sides, top, underside, and corners. The lower left side of the lens was above all terrible on my assess camera, causing brutal softness that was noticeable even at small sizes.

Also, while its 3.6x optical zoom is what I guess in this class, there’s no way to L22shut off the camera’s 4x digital zoom, which consequences in dreadful photos if you use it. There is a marker where it changes over from optical to digital zoom on the zoom indicator and it changes color. Even if, it’s very simple to go past the optical zoom range if you’re not paying attention to the cover.

The lens in fact has quite a bit of barrel distortion, too, but at least Nikon does an exceptional job of correcting for it. The same goes for fringing in high-draw a distinction areas of photos; it was only really noticeable when photos were viewed at 100 percent.


No camera manufacturer makes a sub-$120 camera with blue-collar or semimanual shooting modes; it’s just basic point-and-shoots at this price point. Of the cameras I’ve experienced person at this price, the L22 has the least control. The Auto mode is as excellent as it gets–it’s basically the same as the curriculum auto mode on other cameras, but it just lets you turn on continuous shooting, change the white weigh, and select one of the four color filters. You can change the pledge, too, but that’s available in all modes.

The L22 has an ISO sensitivity range from 80 to 1,600. Even if, you have no control over ISO settings–it’s auto only. If your theme is in the focal point of the frame and you have plenty of light so that the sensitivity stays below ISO 400, you can get excellent photos from the camera. For most of my inside low-light test shots, even if, the camera went with ISO 800 and very slow close speeds. The consequences are inevitable median-of-the-road, soft and smeary with color shifting. The camera also struggles with focusing in dim lighting, doing a lot of hunting, and there’s a noticeable close lag. If you’re taking into account the L22 to use indoors at all, don’t. Should your theme go, you have shaky hands, or both, you’ll liable end up with hazy shots unless you use the flash. This camera is really only excellent for stills of stationary subjects under sharp lighting, if at all possible outdoors.

L22I say if at all possible outdoors since while sign are pleasingfrom the L22 (and doubtless the best thing about this camera), the auto white weigh is honestly golden-haired-green under glowing light and warm under bright. Oddly enough there is a blue-collar white weigh that works really well, but it’s only available in Auto mode.

For those who like to shoot close-ups, the L22 can focus on a theme as close as 2 inches. As long as your theme is in the median of the lens, you’ll end up with decent shots taking into account the camera’s price. Even if you’ll doubtless want to grind them a bit with software once they’re on a pad.

Video feature is excellent enough for Web use, but not much else. The zoom lens does not gathering while tape, but you do have a digital zoom; I suggest not using it, as the consequences are unpleasant.

Shooting performance is somewhat slow, but on par with other cameras in its L22class. Even if, if you’re shooting with the electronic image stabilization, the camera becomes sluggish between shots.

It’s cameras like the Nikon Coolpix L22 that have public accomplishment for their smartphones and camera phones instead of an actual camera. It’s right, you really shouldn’t guess much at this price, but I do guess a touch. For the same money you can pick up Canon’s PowerShot A495 and get more facial appearance and better photos.

Nikon Coolpix L22 excellent:

Three-inch LCD; arresting; pleasing color in photos under the right situation.

Nikon Coolpix L22 terrible:

Median-of-the-road lens feature; too modest control over camera; poor low-light shooting performance.

Nikon Coolpix L22 underside line:

The Nikon Coolpix L22 looks excellent for its price, but there isn’t much to like below the surface.

Nikon Coolpix L22 Price: $119.99

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