05 Jul
image of Canon PowerShot SX110 IS

Canon PowerShot SX110 IS

Packing a 10x zoom lens into a surprisingly compact body, the Canon SX100IS was a very popular model in last year’s long-zoom sweepstakes. This year, Canon has updated the design with a 9 megapixel sensor (up from 8 megapixels) and larger 3 inch LCD (up from 2.5 inches). The result is the new Canon SX110IS, selling for the same MSRP of $299, despite the upgrades. Read on below for more details about the Canon SX110IS.

As was the case with its predecessor, with dimensions of 4.4 x 2.8 x 1.8 inches (111 x 71 x 45mm) and weighing in at 10.7 ounces (302g) the Canon SX110IS won’t fit in your pocket, but if you can live with a camera you have to carry in a pants pocket or purse rather than a shirt pocket, the SX110IS gives you a load of features and capability in a surprisingly compact package.

In an age when camera makers are chasing ever-higher megapixel counts, we applaud Canon’s restraint with the SX110IS, in going to “only” 9 megapixels on its 1/2.3-inch sensor. This is more than enough resolution for 99% of consumers, and should produce less noise than would a higher-resolution sensor of similar size. Combining its 9-megapixel sensor with a 10x optical zoom lens, the Canon SX110 IS gives you the power to reach out and turn distant subjects into frame-filling images. Long zoom lenses mean it’s all the harder to hold the camera steady enough to capture sharp images though. Fortunately, the “IS” in the SX110’s name means it incorporates Canon’s excellent Image Stabilization technology, letting you snap sharp photos at shutter speeds two to four times slower than you’d be able to hand-hold otherwise.

As digital cameras have become less expensive and more mass-market, there’s been an unfortunate dumbing down of camera controls. As one result, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find compact (non-SLR) cameras that give you options for shutter-priority, aperture-priority and full manual exposure control. The Canon SX110IS offers all that and more, yet remains entirely accessible for novice users with its full auto and multiple scene modes. In fact, a new “Easy Mode” makes the camera even simpler to use: Literally a “you push the button, the camera does the rest” experience suited for complete beginners. An enhanced iSAPS (intelligent Scene Analysis based on Photographic Space) exposure system compares scenes the camera sees through its lens with an enormous database of reference scenes stored in its memory, to determine the best exposure for a wide range of conditions.

The Canon PowerShot SX110 IS stores images on Secure Digital or MultiMediaCard media, including the newer (and higher capacity) SDHC types. Images are framed and reviewed on a 3-inch color LCD display with 230,000 pixels.

The Canon SX110IS’s 10x optical zoom lens covers a broad range equivalent to 36-360mm on a 35mm camera — a moderate wide angle to a pretty substantial telephoto. The lens is also faster than many, with a maximum aperture ranging from f/2.8 at the wide angle end to f/4.3 at the telephoto end of its range.

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