Canon PowerShot SD500 Digital ELPH Camera@DASHING THING REVIEW

05 Jul


Camera QuickLook
Review Date
User Level
Novice to Advanced
Product Uses
Family / Travel / Special Events
Digital Camera Design
Automatic Exposure Control
Picture Quality
Excellent, 7.1-megapixel CCD
Print Sizes
Excellent, sharp 11×17 inches
March 2005
Suggested Retail Price
(At introduction)



The Canon PowerShot SD500 Digital ELPH was unveiled as part of Canon’s wide ranging digital camera announcements at this year’s Photo Marketing Association tradeshow. The Canon SD500 is a lot like an SD-card based version of the prior PowerShot S500 in Canon’s popular, diminutive Digital ELPH camera line. The Canon SD500 and SD400 models both offer extremely unusual (and frankly, rather cool) “My Color” modes that allow you to selectively replace any color in your photo with a different one, or to make the image black and white with the exception of a single color. The PowerShot SD500 is described by Canon as having a “Perpetual Curve Design” – subtle curves on the camera body help it fit the hand comfortably. Other features include a very high resolution 7.1 megapixel CCD imager, big 2 inch LCD, and use of the (very fast) Canon DiGIC II processor. Overall, one of the more appealing subcompact digicams we’ve seen to date: Read on for all the details!


Camera Overview

Almost the same size as the predecessor PowerShot S500 model, the new Canon PowerShot SD500 features the great looks and sharp design that are a signature of Canon’s ELPH cameras. Canon refers to the SD500 as having “Perpetual Curve Design”, which basically means that there are few flat surfaces or right-angled corners on the camera body – it has a very smooth, comfortable feel in your hands. Very compact and quick on the draw (thanks to a smoothly operating retractable lens design), the Canon SD500 is a convenient point-and-shoot digital camera with a handful of extra exposure features for added flexibility, including a few features that you might not use every day, but that add some “wow” factor. With the lens retracted, the Canon SD500’s front panel is smooth and pocket friendly, and its all-metal body rugged and durable (although it will show scratches, so expect to buy a soft case if this concerns you). Equipped with a 7.1-megapixel CCD, the Canon SD500 captures high quality images, suitable for making sharp prints as large as 11×17 inches, or 8×10 inches with some cropping. Smaller image sizes are also available for email transmission or Web applications, and a movie mode captures video clips with sound

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