05 Jul
image of Canon PowerShot SD40

Canon PowerShot SD40 Digital ELPH

Canon designers have intended the ELPH line to do double duty as a fashion accessory since these petite models started appearing in the hands — and around the necks — of the style-conscious ten years ago. These days, there are few cameras more stylish than the Canon PowerShot SD40 Digital ELPH, the colorful little shooter that is the replacement for last year’s popular 5-megapixel Canon SD30. The SD40 upgrades its imaging chip to 7 megapixel while adding several key new features including Canon’s fast and efficient DIGIC III processor, along with its new Face Detection AF/AE technology, which can detect and focus on up to nine faces in a frame just by half-pressing the shutter button.

The SD40 also expands its light sensitivity range from ISO 80 to up to ISO 1,600, with the increased ISO at the top end designed to reduced blur in low-light shots without flash. Other additions are less dramatic, including a Safety Zoom feature that warns you when you activate the digital zoom (which can degrade picture quality). The Canon SD40 looks a lot like the SD30, except that it’s offered in a brand set of new colors — an annual ritual for the marketing folks on this model. The four new colors for the SD40 are: a dark brown with gold accents known as Twilight Sepia; a hot pink called Precious Rose; a navy color known as Noble Blue; and a silvery Olive Grey. The Canon SD40 keeps the same 1.8-inch LCD screen as the SD30, which is quite a bit smaller than the 2.5-inch displays that are offered on many cameras these days.

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