05 Jul
image of Canon PowerShot G7

Canon PowerShot G7

by Shawn Barnett
and Stephanie Boozer
Review Date: 01/03/07

The Canon PowerShot G7, the first new G-series model in over two years, offers a look more reminiscent of the original PowerShot G1 than the models that followed it – perhaps due to the rather more subtle handgrip. Under the skin, the Canon G7 offers a CCD sensor resolution of ten megapixels, coupled to a Canon-branded 35 – 210mm equivalent 6x optical zoom lens. The lens features Canon’s own optical Image Stabilization system, where a lens is actually moved inside the lens body to compensate for camera movement. Images are framed either via a real-image optical zoom viewfinder, or on a 2.5 inch LCD display. Optical viewfinders can be nice to have, allowing you to save battery life, or get the shot when harsh sunlight makes it harder to see an image on many digicam displays; the LCD will be the better choice when shooting scenes that will be affected by parallax error, or when precise framing is necessary – particularly if using the stabilizer.

Other features of the Canon PowerShot G7 include USB 2.0 connectivity, face detection auto focus, Flexizone focusing, Nine point AF, an AF assist lamp, a hot shoe for mounting an external flash, and SD/MMC card storage with support for the new SDHC card format. The Canon G7 went on sale in October 2006, priced at $600.

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