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Caidrox CD-3000 Assess:

Transfer accidents lead to many disputes, as drivers come up with different accounts of the thing. But low-priced video, GPS, and accelerometers opens the way for an permanently-on drive recorder, saving telemetry and a visual submission of all that happened preceding and in the pressing consequence of a crash.Among the small field of products in this category is the Caidrox CD-3000, a device the size of a smart phone that can be emotionally involved the windshield in front of the rear view mirror. The CD-3000 endlessly minutes video and telemetry while you drive, saving three or four minutes to a 4 GB SD card when it detects an thing.

The device is a modest stout in shape, and is collected of two hinged parts. CD-3000The lower part contains the camera lens, and the hinge lets you aim it for the best forwards view. The left side includes power and auxiliary video input ports, but these would be better placed on the right side, so as to make it simpler to keep wire mess away from the driver.

The wrap includes a long power cord with a 12-volt plug, useful for stringing the thin wire along the top of the windshield, down the A pillar, under the dash and to a 12-volt power point. The auxiliary video input chains an discretionary following camera, which can any show the rear view or focus in the cabin.A plastic scabbard with an adhesive strip comes with the CD-3000 for simple mounting to a windshield. The scabbard holds the device in well, but there are also screw holes in back to more securely glue it all collectively.

A 4GB SD card comes preloaded with the CD-3000′s viewer software, even if it is PC-only. The viewer shows recorded pouring video in a main dialogue box, and a Google map in the upper right with car’s route. A lower bar includes speed, space traveled, GPS coordinates, and an accelerometer graph.The viewer is commonly simple to know, but the file list is not. Each time you drive with the CD-3000, it will save dozens of the makings incidents, each as an MP4 file. The viewer lists these files by name. Even if each file name includes the date and time, the notation is not very clear. A better key would be to have the viewer parse the files, showing a sortable list with the date and time in standard format.

CD-3000Along with its ability to confirmation video from two cameras, GPS coordinates, and accelerometer in rank, the CD-3000 has a video productivity, let you hook it up to a monitor and to show its recorded incidents without a PC. To use the video out, the device will need to be powered from a 12-volt give.

The MP4 productivity files can be viewed with most standard video player programs, but they won’t contain the telemetry and GPS in rank, just the video drive confirmation. The viewer software is not able to start a video in a standard format overlaying the telemetry and GPS data, which would be useful for extra file portability.

To converse its surgical course of action state, the device uses LEDs. A blue light indicates the device is on, while a red light shows when it is tape. There is no power thrash; it turns on when plugged in. The CD-3000 also includes an domestic microphone tape cabin audio, which might come in handy when providing prove after an accident.A beep sounds when the device starts saving an thing, which mercifully can be twisted off using the settings from the viewer software. This beeping occurs often enough when pouring to become annoying. The viewer software defaults to kilometers per hour, but can be switched to miles per hour in its settings.

With the CD-3000 mounted to a windshield, its wide angle lens catches all of CD-3000the proceedings out front. It does cause a fish-eye look, but that does not interfere with the ability to tell what is experience in the shot. Even if not HD, the pledge is ample for the device’s function.

When pouring, the CD-3000 showed quite a bit of sensitivity, interpreting hard stepping up, braking, or bumps in the road as incidents worth saving. With default settings, each ensuing MP4 file was about 23 MB, so the 4 GB SD card can hold quite a few. It is observably better for the CD-3000 to be over-insightful, tape every jolt, very than miss an actual crash. But it will make finding a fastidious thing deadly, given the viewer’s poor file management.

The viewing software itself can be a modest sluggish when responding to button inputs. When early a drive file, it takes a following for the Google map constituent to catch up with the video. The viewer interface is a fixed size, so it cannot be place into full-cover mode.

Mean drivers, who get in only a few accidents over a lifetime, doubtless won’t need a drive recorder. Nor is the CD-3000 appropriate for sport drivers. Proceedings cameras such as the GoPro Hero and Contour offer much better pledge. The best use for the CD-3000 is for fleet vehicles, such as taxi cabs or style of speaking trucks.

CD-3000 excellent:

The Caidrox CD-3000 drive recorder straightforwardly mounts to a windshield. It combines drive confirmation with GPS and telemetry data. The viewing software offers a diversity of settings.

CD-3000 terrible:

File management in the viewing software is very rough. You can’t productivity a standard video file screening telemetry and GPS data overlaid on the video.

CD-3000 underside line:

The Caidrox CD-3000 drive recorder combines a excellent deal of in rank about onroad incidents that would come in handy for influential fault in a crash, but it helps to be pad-adept to use its viewer software.

CD-3000 Price: Not Known


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