04 Jul

XBOX 360 SLIM The excellent:

XBOX 360 SLIM Sleeker point; 17 percent smaller; much quieter surgical courseof action; better cooling; touch-insightful power and disc tray; 250GB hard drive; built-in Wi-Fi; five USB ports; dedicated Kinect port; onboard optical digital audio.

XBOX 360 SLIM The terrible:

XBOX 360 SLIM hard drive is still proprietary; controller on D-pad remains unchanged; cumbersome power block; renders unfilled faceplates a waste of time; no HD building a bet out of the box.

XBOX 360 SLIMThe underside line:

Even if the new XBOX 360 SLIMcertainly addresses most of the concerns we’ve had with the versionsprevious to it, we don’t reckon it warrants a buy if you by now own an Xbox 360 in effective order with an HDMI-out port and a hard drive.


Microsoft kick-ongoing the “next-generation” of building a bet on November 22, 2005, when the company released the Xbox 360, beating both Nintendo and Sony to promote. Since then, the console has sold unequally 40 million units worldwide and has brought some innovative thoughts to the building a bet industry in the form of Xbox Live, the online marketplace, and gamer achievements.


XBOX 360 SLIM console is not without its shortcomings, even if. Most notably, the infamous “red ring of death” controversy has plagued the logic since its launch. The defect can be traced to the logic’s incapability to by the book drive away heat, which in turn renders some of the vital guts unusable. Even if Microsoft has remained silent about an exact fail rate percentage, some analysts have that digit as high as 40 percent, with recent reports floating nearly a one in four odds of fault surrounded by the first two years of ownership. Other complaints vary from lack of built-in Wi-Fi to denying users the ability to replace the hard drive likethe PlayStation 3 offers.

At E3 2010, Microsoft unveiled an Xbox 360 redesigned from the impose a curfew up. Officially referred to as the “S” console–or Slim, as we’ve come to call it–the latest iteration packs a 250GB hard drive, built-in Wi-Fi, and a new point that’s about 17 percent smaller than the previous models.

XBOX 360 SLIM Price: $300

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