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04 Jul


If you’re looking to get away by road this summer, then the new TomTom Start 20 is incredible thing you should premeditated taking along for the ride.

Tom Tom Start 20 Assess level sat nav is ideal for anyone who’s getting a sat nav for the first time – or for those who only occasionally need help getting fromA to B -Like Journey Heading for lonf road vacations.

To make a  point, the TomTom Start 20 has seen TomTom gives its entry-level range a fantastic and looked-for fix. This  boasts an ultra-slim body with an 11cm touchscreen sight, a simple to handle incommission logic – which better than previous to -Fantaastic Points of Interest and over two million kilometres of extra roads.

Just the kind of thingAtech Reviews like to get our teeth into.




TomTom has overhauled its Start range – and how. The TomTom Start 20 is simple to use, has all the essential facial appearance you need and gets from A to B with minimum fuss.

TomTom Start 20 Pros:

At atech Assess we above all like the new improved route mapping facial appearance like road names and even more detailed junction views. A wider range of mounting options and the inclusion of an SD card additional room slot are welcome. Build feature is excellent and the widescreen sight is sharp and clear – even in strong sunlight

TomTom Start 20 Cons:

We Found it evident that  TomTom Start 20 has been built to a price, so you have to forgo equipmentlike Bluetooth hands-free mission and transfer jam updates, but the only real downers are a vaguely unresponsive touchscreen and the leisurely pace at which the TomTom Start 20 lets you leaf through its graphical user interface (GUI).

TomTom Start 20 Our Say:

So should the TomTom Start 20 be on your shopping list? Categorically. For £130 you get a dedicated sat nav that beats the pants off most of its standalone rivals and makes those free go apps you candownload for your phone look imperfect by comparison. If you’re serious about getting nearly, but don’t want to spend a fortune, then the TomTom Start 20 is very hard to beat. For That wits we give it 4 out of 5.

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