Samsung Wave GT-S8500 @ A Tech Reviews

04 Jul

Wave GT-S8500 The excellent:

The Samsung Wave GT-S8500 has a gorgeous, crystal-clear Super AMOLED touch cover. The 1GHz PC keeps the phone in succession smoothly, and the Wave has fantastic call feature. The Wave also has a 5-megapixel camera and can capture HD video.

ave GT-S8500 The terrible:

Samsung’s TouchWiz 3.0 user interface is much improved over its previous versions; even if, it is not as intuitive as others are, above all as you get deeper into apps.Wave GT-S8500 doesn’t merge supporter inrank from various accounts collectively and the Samsung App store is not available in U.S.

The underside line:

For global markets, the Samsung Wave GT-S8500 is a nice, financial statement-friendly foray into the world of smartphones, but there are more affordable and more full-featured options for the U.S.

Samsung unveiled the Wave GT-S8500 at Mobile World Congress 2010 and it is the first phone to run Samsung’s Bada mobile in commission logic. Samsung didn’t point the OS to compete with Apple’s iOS and Google’s Apparatus, but to bring the smartphone encounter, regardless of cost or geographic location. As such, the Wave and Bada above all change markets where smartphones aren’t naturally subsidized by carriers and thus cost a premium to own, so it won’t really change the U.S. promote. According to Samsung USA, it’s still very much committed to Apparatus and Windows Phone, as evidenced by the Galaxy S series. Still, we’d plotting it’d be cool to check out the Wave. The Samsung Wave GT-S8500 is available unlocked for about $370 to $400, but if you’re in the promote for a smartphone and don’t want to break the bank, check out some of these affordable models.


Wave GT-S8500 Price: $439.99

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