04 Jul

NOKIA N8 excellent:

The Nokia N8 and Symbian 3 offer a better and more enhanced user encounter than previous devices. The N8 delivers exceptional camera and video feature. The smartphone has solid hardware and offers 3G help for both T-Mobile and AT&T. You get free turn-by-turn steering via Ovi Maps.

NOKIA N8  terrible:

It’s high-priced. User interface is much improved, but still trails the struggle in ease of use. NOKIA N8 can be sluggish. You only get a QWERTY upright in landscape mode, and there’s no user-consumable array.

The underside line:

The Nokia N8 excels as a camera phone, and the improvements of Symbian 3 make it one of the company’s best smartphones to date. Even if, it still has its shortcomings and an high-priced price tag, building it a hard sell for the North American promote.


Even if Symbian enjoys fantastic popularity in other parts of the world, it’s not well known in the States and is falling behind the struggle in usability and functionality. The Symbian 3 in commission logic is a stepping stone in addressing those issues, and the Nokia N8 is the first smartphone to ship in succession the revamped OS. It certainly brings some much-looked-for improvements, such as a simplified touch interface and enhanced CD capabilities. The N8 is also one of the best camera phones we’ve seen to date, and delivers excellent call feature and array life. That said, it still falls small on a digit of fronts, counting ease of use, steering, and integrated air force. This, coupled with an high-priced price tag of $549 unlocked, isn’t going to attract the masses. Symbian fans will find much to like in the Nokia N8, but consumers will be better off going with an Apparatus device or the iPhone.

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