Canon 10.0-megapixel PowerShot digital camera PowerShot S95 (Black)

04 Jul

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Achieve exceptional levels of stability and blur-free clarity thanks to the PowerShot S95’s Hybrid IS technology, combining an angle sensor, accelerometer, and optical image stabilization. Then, when you aren’t shooting stunning 10.0-megapixel still shots, capture the moment in HD with 720p video recording. While a super-wide f/2.0 aperture improves low-light performance and portraiture, a control ring located at the lens’ base offers pro-style control of focus, exposure, ISO, and more. Look to the DIGIC 4 image processor for advanced shooting features like Face Detection, Red-eye Correction, and Motion Detection Technology. Offering a true-to-life perspective of your subject, the S95 sports a 3.0″ PureColor System LCD viewscreen. Finally, RAW photo capture allows for full creative freedom when editing.

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The HS System: Pro-style control, superior low-light performance

Heading up the Canon PowerShot S95’s impressive list of features, the advanced HS System combines three specs that are fairly unique to the digital point-and-shoot world. First, a Low Light mode’s extraordinary ISO sensitivity range up to ISO 3200 delivers unprecedented performance in low-light shooting situations. Second, the shallow depth of field offered by the super-wide f/2.0 aperture setting allows for enhanced portraiture, drawing attention to the details of the subject’s face while giving the background a soft wash. Third, high-performance DIGIC 4 technology actively reduces noise, serving up high-speed image processing and enhanced clarity. Finally, topping it all off, a control ring located at the lens’ base gives you manual, pro-style control over a variety of camera settings, including focus, exposure, ISO, zoom, and white balance. Add new dimensions to your digital point-and-shoot experience with the PowerShot S95.

Hybrid stabilization

There are two kinds of blurry photos — those you create intentionally by varying your camera’s shutter speed or aperture, and those you get when you’re shooting with a shaky hand or from an unstable position. In other words, the kind of blurry photos you want, and the kind you don’t. Ensuring that all your photos are blur-free — unless you want otherwise — Canon has equipped the PowerShot S95 digital camera with innovative Hybrid Image Stabilization technology. Pairing an angular sensor with an accelerometer, Hybrid IS technology is able to suppress image blur resulting from both the shooting angle of the camera and from shift-blur occurring when a subject moves parallel to the camera . . . two sources common to shooting at higher zoom levels. Further, Canon’s optical image stabilizer technology actually allows the image sensor to move in response to slight variations in camera positioning — as when shooting with a shaky hand — compensating for additional sources of blurring. The result is a heightened level of stability and shooting confidence.

Not just stills, not just video . . . HD video

Chances are you won’t tire of shooting high-resolution 10.1-megapixel still photos with the SD980 IS digital camera. (Especially with its combo of a powerful 5x optical zoom and diverse range of Smart AUTO shooting modes.) But, just in case you need to spice things up just a little, Canon has equipped the S95 to record HD video. Let’s say that one more time: HD video. Capture detailed video in high definition 1280 x 720p resolution, and then share your footage with friends back at home on your HDTV using the S95 IS’s built-in mini-HDMI output. High-resolution photos and high definition video, all from the Canon S95.

It’s auto. It’s smart. It’s Smart AUTO

Sometimes the last thing you want to do is worry about configuring the right camera settings for a shot. Sometimes events are happening too fast to allow time, and sometimes you just want to be a part of the action. In any case, what you seek is a little automation. You seek the Canon S95 with Smart AUTO mode. Smart AUTO technology gives you the ability to take stunning, perfectly exposed photos under a variety of conditions, effortlessly. After intelligently analyzing shooting conditions, Smart AUTO technology automatically selects an appropriate range of settings from 18 specially defined categories. Whether you’re snapping shots of kids and pets at a park, friends out on the town at night, fireworks, beach scenes, or landscapes, the S95automatically optimizes your shots.

The PureColor system

Your digital camera’s LCD viewscreen is one of your most important tools in the field. You see every shot you take on the LCD first. In fact, you often only see your subject on the LCD — at least at the actual moment that the shutter snaps. Further, you use the LCD to review images after the shot. Accordingly, the image you see on the LCD should be as close to the real thing — and to the photo you take — as possible. Unfortunately, the LCD offered by the average digital camera comes up short in the “true-to-life” department. The PowerShot S95, however, is not your “average digital camera.” Combining a high, 461,000-dot resolution, a high contrast ratio, and broad 3.0″ size, the PureColor System LCD offered by the S95 serves up subtle variations of color in the scene you shooting, ensuring that what you see is true to the real thing. Further, the LCD viewscreen sports multiple coatings that protect the display against dust, scratches, and reflections.

RAW power, times two

Whether you’re a seasoned amateur or established professional photographer, you want exceptional performance both during and after the shot. You want a camera that will capture all of the detail and realism of the original subject, and you want quality photo files that can be taken home for further editing on your computer. Canon’s PowerShot S95 delivers on both counts. First, an advanced 1/1.7″ CCD image sensor captures vivid, detailed 10.0-megapixel images, and a 3.8x optical zoom allows you to snap shots of distant subjects. Second, the S95 is capable of shooting images in RAW mode. Without JPEG compression, images shot in RAW mode are clearer and allow you complete creative freedom during editing. Of course, the S95 still allows you to shoot JPEG-formatted photos, and actually lets you shoot RAW and JPEG images, simultaneously.

Masterful portraits

Sure, you enjoy dabbling in landscapes, cityscapes, and wildlife photography, but by-and-large, people are your most common subjects. Capturing well composed, well exposed photos of the human face, however, can be a tricky business. Well, unless you’re using the Canon PowerShot S95. Combining a variety of technologies, Canon’s DIGIC 4 technology enhances and simplifies photographing people. First, Face Detection technology finds and tracks the faces of moving subjects until you’re ready to shoot, then delivers optimal focus, flash, and white balance for balanced, natural skin tones and properly exposed backgrounds. Intelligent Contrast Correction controls the compensation level in pixel units to brighten dark areas while leaving bright areas unchanged for improved portraits when a person’s face is shadowed. Third, Red-eye Correction makes it possible to remove red-eye from photos either automatically while you’re taking them or manually at a later time. Fourth, Motion Detection Technology optimizes ISO sensitivity and exposure settings to improve clarity when subjects are in motion. Finally, a Face Detection Self-Timer automatically detects an increase in the number of faces and makes the appropriate adjustments. For example, the S95 will allow the photographer to leave the camera on a tripod and enter a group photo before snapping the shot.

The power of Lithium

Because the PowerShot S95 digital camera is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, it brings you more than just incredible power. First, because lithium has the third lightest atomic mass of any element, lithium-ion batteries are some of the lightest batteries available. Second, Lithium-ion batteries have a lower loss-of-charge rate overall in comparison with other battery types and they do not suffer from ‘memory loss’ or a decline in total energy capacity. The lithium-ion battery featured on the S95 brings you lightweight, long-lasting and reliable power for your digital photography needs.

Included with purchase

The following items are included with the purchase of the Canon PowerShot S95: S95 digital camera, Battery pack (NB-6L), Battery charger (CB-2LY), Wrist strap (WS-DC9), Digital Camera Solution CD-ROM, USB cable (IFC-400PCU), and AV cable (AVC-DC400ST).

Comparison Specifications

  • Maximum pixels: 10.0 megapixels, effective / 10.4 megapixels, total
  • Memory: Support for SD, SDHC, SDXC, MultiMediaCard (MMC), MMC+, and HC MMC+ memory cards
  • Zoom power: 3.8x optical zoom / 4x digital zoom / 15x combined zoom
  • Shooting modes: Auto, P, Av, Tv, M, C, Low Light, Portrait, Landscape, Kids & Pets, Smart Shutter, Super Vivid, Fish-eye Effect, Miniature Effect, Beach, Snow, Fireworks, and more
  • Flash modes: Auto / Auto with Red-eye Reduction / Flash on, off / Flash on with Red-eye Reduction / FE lock / Safety FE / Slow synchro
  • Movie mode: HD 720p movie capture (1280×720/24p) / MOV H.264 video with Linear PCM stereo audio
  • Manual custom: Control ring at base of lens for pro-style manual control of focus, exposure, ISO, step zoom, or white balance
  • Viewscreen: 3.0″ PureColor System TFT LCD display / 461,000 dots / 100% coverage
  • Digital interface: 1 HDMI output / 1 USB v2.0 port / NTSC/PAL video output / Monaural audio out
  • Advanced features: Smart AUTO mode / Canon HS System

Additional Specifications

  • Image processor: DIGIC 4 image processor with Face Detection AF/AE/FE/WB, Re-eye Correction, Intelligent Contrast Correction, and Motion Detection Technology
  • Photo formats: JPEG with Exif2.2 compression / RAW
  • Canon Hybrid IS system with built-in optical image stabilization
  • Image sensor: 1/1.7″ CCD sensor
  • Autofocus system: TTL autofocus / AF tracking
  • Continuous shooting: Normal: 1.9 shots/sec (P mode), 3.9 shots/sec (Low Light) / AF: 0.7 shots/sec (P), 1.0 shots/sec (Low Light) / LV: 0.8 shots/sec (P), 1.1 shots/sec (Low Light)
  • Low-light performance: f/2.0 minimum aperture
  • Exposure control: Program AE / Manual / AE Lock / Program Shift / Safety Shift / Auto ISO Shift
  • Photo effects: My Colors / Vivid Blue, Green, Red / Natural / Sepia / Black & White / Positive Film / Lighter Skin Tone
  • Battery: Built-in rechargeable battery pack with 200-shot/5-hour capacity

Manufacturer Specifications

  • Focal length: 6.0mm – 22.5mm (28mm – 105mm @ 35mm equivalent)
  • Aperture: f/2.0 – f/4.9
  • Shutter speed: 15 sec – 1/1600 sec
  • ISO sensitivity: 80 / 100 / 125 / 160 / 200 / 250 / 320 / 400 / 500 / 640 /800 / 1000 / 1250 / 1600 / 2000 / 2500 / 3200
  • White balance: Auto / Daylight / Cloudy / Tungsten / Fluorescent / Fluorescent H / Flash / Underwater / Custom
  • Still-image playback: Single, Magnification, Jump, Auto rotate, Rotate, Resume, Transition Effects, Histogram, Index, Slideshow, Red-eye correction, Resize, Trimming
  • Movie playback: Normal / Special / Auto Rotate / Editing / Resume
  • Light metering: Evaluative / Center-weighted average / Spot

Dimensional Specifications

  • Dimensions: 3.93″ W x 2.30″ H x 1.16″ D
  • Weight: 6.00 oz

Canon PowerShot S95 Warranty Details

1-year limited warranty

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