04 Jul

Acer Iconia Tab A500Pros

  • Software customizations are helpful
  • USB host port and microSD card slot

Acer Iconia Tab A500 Cons

  • Fine touchscreen grid is bothersome on sight
  • Heavier and bulkier than other other tablets

Acer Iconia Tab A500 Underside Line

Acer Iconia Tab A500 is a fantastic, practically priced scale if you want to access your content via USB sources, but the contemporary limitations of Apparatus 3.0 and what you can do with that content via USB, coupled with this dosage’s sight quirks, still make it a qualified authorize.


Iconia Tab A500  joins the still small ranks of approximately 10-inch tablets, this one measuring in at 10.1-inches in the face surrounded by a 10.24 x 6.97 x 0.52-inch (260 x 177 x 13.3-mm,) 25.75-oz (730-g) heavy (sight included) body. From there you’ll want to notice that the full back part is made of a thin, light aluminum while any side of the device is made of plastic. There’s a comes off cover at the top (or the side, even if you’d like to look at it,) that reveals your SDcard slot and possibility functional slot for LTE SIM card. You can jam up to 64GB of memory on an SDcard in that first slot, while the SIM card slot remains inactive for now.

The form of Iconia Tab A500 device, you’ll come to notice quite quickly, is what sets it aside from the rest of the dosage pack. It also has a lovely Dolby lecturerlogic that’ll blast your eardrums out – except, like all tablets STILL do for some inane wits, the speakers blast outwards from the back of the device. That’s not to say even if that you cannot hear their awesomeness, since you beyond doubt can. The TRON test was performed upon this test and it voted for with flying sign.

Iconia Tab A500 comes with a front-facing 2-megapixel camera for video, photo, and video chat, and a back-facing 5-megapixel camera for video and photos.

If you’re unused to using all of these tablets on a regular basis, you’d be hard pressed to know the difference between the in commission systems. They’re all the same and they’re all in succession NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 dual-core PC. The difference is in the emotionally involved apps that, each of them in turn, tell you what the manufacturers and carriers want you to encounter. Performancewise, if you’re not going to be hard exact numbers via benchmarking systems, this dosage is the same as the XOOM. If you’re comparing to the iPad 2, to be reliable, I’ve experienced more bugs in the Apple dosage due to imperfect dosage interfaces (I’m looking at you, Netflix.)

The array on Iconia Tab A500  is magnificent. If you plot on doing a full day’s work on this device alone and that means a standard workload, you’ll be set for a full workday. If you want to use it like a log, meaning you’re going to be tape and before a live audience video for model, you’re looking at more like 8 hours. On an mean day, give this dosage 24 hours previous to it runs out of juice.

This is a dosage that you’re going to choose on purchasing based on your like for the brand Acer, your like for the only one of its kind light aluminum back end, or your dislike of the rest of the Apparatus tablets on the promote. If I only owned this dosage and an iPad 2, would I use this dosage more often than the iPad? In person, yes, but that’s since I’m hardcore Apparatus Convergence and I’ve gotta represent. Might a name else use the iPad 2 more? Doubtless. Apple has a much more fantastic hold over the world’s perception of what a dosage should be, and if public would have to point out on the spot, they’d take note to the one that they know other public will like them for.

Iconia Tab A500 Price: $450

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