Toshiba Satellite E305-S1990 @ DASHINGTHING REVIEW

03 Jul


Satellite E305-S1990 The excellent:

A standout upright and touch pad, solid specs, Blu-ray drive, and Intel Wireless Sight make the Toshiba Satellite E305-S1990X stand out from the pack–and as a bonus, the retail bundle includes the de rigueur Netgear box for Wi-Di.

Satellite E305-S1990 The terrible:

The E305 lacks dedicated graphics, and its Webcam isn’t HD.

The underside line:

The Best Buy-exclusive Toshiba Satellite E305-S1990  is a heck of a 14-inch mainframe, offering a rock-solid amalgamation of specs and point for a reasonable price.

Satellite E305-S1990Assess:


Even if it may seem like many ToshibaSatellites look the same, that’s notautomatically the case if you hang nearly your local Best Buy. For a few years now, Toshiba has been supplying a Best Buy-exclusive mainframe as part of the retailer’s Blue Mark series, with a redesigned look that stands out from the rest ofthe Satellite pack. We reviewed theSatellite E205 last year, and we plotting at the time that it beat out other Toshiba laptops in terms of overall value and point. Of way, we were unusual whether the trend would take up again in 2011.

This year, Toshiba’s back at it with the Satellite E305-S1990 , and once again we’ve come away impressed. The $899 14-inch mainframe has a thinner point, a oilskin look, and a very solid set of specs, counting a Blu-ray/DVD combo drive, a following-gen Core i5 PC, a 7,200rpm 500GB hard drive, and Intel Wireless Sight 1.2. And, disparate many laptops with Wi-Di, this retail wrap includes the vital Netgear box that interfaces with your TV in the bundle.

The Satellite E305-S1990 doesn’t cut quite as eye-transmittable a profile as its predecessor, the E205, but it’s in fact a more functional point. Clad in patterned metal, it’s not as thick as recent Satellites we’ve reviewed, such as the M645 or the A665.

The Satellite E305-S1990 has a metal skeleton and repels fingerprints, thankfulness to the patternedpoint. The tapered sides cut a sharper angle, while still administration to fit all the expected ports, plus an optical drive. The metal continues on the inside nearly the upright deck, and the upper lid facial appearance glossy black plastic nearly the inset sight. It’s reminiscent of a MacBook Pro, or of Samsung’s recent laptops, and even looks more qualified than some of the tackier-looking Satellites we’ve seen.

Satellite E305-S1990 backlit upright is a revelation; it might be the best mainframe upright we’ve used in a long while. The raised island-style keys are akin to what you’d get on other Toshibalaptops, but the keys are less cramped than they are on the 13-inch Portege R835. The keys feel less slick than on recent Satellites we’ve reviewed. With Satellite E305-S1990, the company has addressed the complaints we’ve earlier made about Satellite keyboards, humanizing the manufactured goods much. And, as a plus, the number and other control keys are gathering-reversed; tapping “number up” works without at once pressing the Fn key. Even better, that annoying default beep that’s plagued Satellite number reins has been indifferent. The included touch pad is no slouch, any. The E305′s wide clickpad-style touch pad is better than on other Satellites, and has plenty of room for multifinger gestures. Gone are the tacky, large plastic buttons we’ve seen on other models, replaced by clickzones at the underside. The matte surface walks the exact line of friction. No annoying LED lights nearly the pad, any, like we saw on the M645 and A665. We are thankful.

Buttons are sparse nearly the upright; there’s only a thin power button above the left side, and an Eco Mode power settings button and a Wireless Sight toggle on the right side. We place your hands collectively the go to simplicity.

Satellite E305-S1990 Price: $899.99

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