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03 Jul

After the eccentric setting, ingenious gameplay, and hilarious dialogue had all run their way, Portico left you with some pretty huge unknowns. Chief among them were, “What happens now?” and “How did that whole weird situation come to pass?” Portico 2 sets out to pledge these questions, and in doing so travels both forwards and backward from the close of Portico. The consequence is a sequel that doesn’t try to imitate the thriving formula of its predecessor. Very, it expands upon that first encounter, making a touch that feels at the start familiar. Yet as you movement through the enchanting single-player journey and tangle with the clever cooperative campaign, any doubts that equipment might be toofamiliar are swept away by the scope of your adventure and the font you meet along the way. Once again, you are caught up in the fantastic world of Gap Knowledge, where hilarious and attractive dialogue is delivered by disembodied voices and reproduction intelligences, and where inventive gameplay mechanics and a charming problem curve make the sublime satisfaction of puzzle solving accessible to all.

Portal 2The single-player campaign starts by addressing the issue of what happens now that you’ve ruined the mean AI who tried to ruin you. “Now” may be a relation term in the guts of Gap Knowledge, but the gift you enter is still reeling from your events at the end of Portico. Very near at once, you meet a very helpful and attentive AI who wants to team upwith you so that you both can escape dire peril. Despite looking like a metal basketball with handles and a camera lens, this AI is physically expressive and immensely entertaining. His well-meaning yet vaguely inept assumed role is an pressing fund of laughter that consistently delights right through the game. Like that of its predecessor, Portico 2′s prose is a standout. Not only is it packed with just fine witty prose and exceptional voice the acting arts, but it also manages to start robust font out of metal parts and thin air.

It’s not long previous to you find an Gap Knowledge Handheld Portico Device (colloquially known as a “portico gun”) and start slinging portals like it was 2007. Those unfamiliar with this equipment need not dread: Portico 2 has a nice culture curve that quickly brings you up to speed. The basics are these: Using this gun, you can start two evident portals on fastidious walls, ceilings, and floors. Go into one hole, and you come out the other. You start off culture basic steering and then go on to transporting stuff and experimenting with more complicated moves, like jumping off a ledge into aportico below in order to fling yourself crosswise the room. Getting the hang of this requires you to flex your spatial awareness, but the introduction is so charming and intuitive that, previous to you know it, you’re thinking in portals.

This may sound like a slow start to Portico veterans, and from an proceedings standpoint, it is. It’s a while previous to you run into challenging puzzles, but the scenery is so different that you won’t mind getting your bearings once again. Gap Knowledge has seen better days, and the broken test chambers, out of order robotics, and encroaching plant life are an early sign that Portico 2′senvironments are much more different and ambitious than its predecessor’s. Later levels reveal the right scope of the Gap facilities to fantastic look, piquing your curiosity and spurring you onward. As you work your way in and out of the smashed test chambers, you catch some fascinating glimpses behind the scenes. You also see a honest digit of empty areas where the scenery fades into plain gloom, and these dull areas are a bit disappointing, given the busy industrial vibe of the place. You also run into a lot of load times right through the game, and even if they seldom feel excessively long, they are often long enough to make you take notice and wish they were shorter.

Relief in: X Box 360, PS3, MAC, PC

Portico 2 Logic Supplies:

Intel PC Pentium 4 3.0GHz
AMD PC Sempron 3600+
Nvidia Graphics Card GeForce 315 512MB
ATI Graphics Card Radeon HD 3600 Series
RAM (Memory) 1 GB
Hard Disk Space 8 GB
Supervise over X 9


Portico 2 Price:  $49.99

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